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2020: Top 3 Bestselling Cars in Pakistan

We don’t have a good variety of mass produced options when it gets to buying new car in Pakistan, however during last couple of years quite a few new options were introduced thanks to the Auto Policy 2016-21 which opened doors for various newcomers to open their shops here.

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Although we do have various new options in the market, most of the newcomers however are not yet members of Pakistan Automobile Manufacturers Association (PAMA) hence their sales stats aren’t reflected in the data released by PAMA. So based on the data released by PAMA following were the top 3 bestselling cars that were assembled in Pakistan from January to December 2020.

#3 Toyota Yaris

The third bestselling car in Pakistan was Toyota Yaris with 14,172 units sold in calendar year 2020. It should be noted that the vehicle was introduced in March 2020 and its launch event was postponed due to the spread of coronavirus, followed by lockdowns which resulted in zero production during April 2020. The sales & deliveries of Yaris were commenced towards the end of May which means technically the sedan was able to achieve this number within just 7 months of sales in year 2020 averaging more than 2,000 units a month.

#2 Toyota Corolla

For over 12 years, Toyota Corolla was unshakably seated at the top slot as the bestselling car of Pakistan however in 2020 the 1.3 liter variants of Corolla were discontinued in favor of Yaris due to which sales took a toll.  18,825 units Toyota Corolla were sold during the pandemic-struck 2020 averaging 1,500 odd units a month. Keep in mind since the introduction of 11th gen model in 2014, Corolla was enjoying sales well above 4,000 units a month on average. Currently Toyota Corolla in Pakistan is available with 1.6 and 1.8 liter engines only.

#1 Suzuki Alto

With 23,479 units Suzuki Alto remained the bestselling car in Pakistan. Introduced in June 2019 as a replacement of 800cc Mehran as the entry-level offering in Pak Suzuki’s lineup, the 660cc Alto hatchback was quick to rise to the highest slot in monthly sales chart and went on to broke Pak Suzuki’s highest-ever monthly sales record by registering sales of 4,924 units in October 2019.

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Being the cheapest mass produced car available, the Alto currently sells at an average of nearly 2,000 units a month. It is believed that the Yaris which has a better monthly sales average might be able to outsell the Alto in coming months, however Yaris is about to face stiff competition in the segment with the introduction of Changan Alsvin & upcoming Proton Saga and BAIC D20 sedans in addition to the existing Honda City.

But in case of Alto there is literally no competitor in sight as United Bravo and Prince Pearl due to their limited nationwide presence and minuscule production capacity are yet to produce numbers even close to the half of Alto’s sales. Whereas the newly introduced United Alpha also faces the limited production capacity issue hence is of no real threat to Alto. Whether the Suzuki hatchback will continue to be the bestselling car in 2021, or will be outpaced by Toyota Yaris, we will have to wait to find out.

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