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2022 Honda Civic Spotted Again

Earlier this month, leaked images of production spec Honda Civic from China went viral over the internet. Since every new car to be launched in China has to drop by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT) to be approved before it goes on sale and in most cases, pictures are published on MIIT’s official site even before the vehicle is properly revealed.

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However, the recent grey colored example shows the new Civic a lot better than previous images with its DRLs lit up. As evident from previously leaked photos, the production-spec model stays true to the prototype Honda showed us late last year.

The next gen Civic does resembles to the current generation Accord especially when you notice the side profile, the sloping roof line and the notch at the lower window line near the C-pillars.

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Overall, the new Civic is pretty much toned down with less extravagant styling compared to the existing 10th gen model. There are no boomerang rear lights either with forthcoming 11th gen model adapting a more conventional design. Furthermore, the previously leaked images show us the Civic wearing a flower-shape patterned alloys for the Chinese market however this grey Civic sport a 5-spoked pattern.

We are yet to get a sneak peak to the interior of the next generation Civic nor did Honda revealed the interior yet other than a design sketch showing us a retro-inspired clean and minimalistic interior that tries to mimic the straightforward designs of earlier Civic models. However, there is a floating touchscreen and a stylized three-button AC panel.

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According to reports the 11th gen Honda Civic is expected to make its debut in China and USA during the first half of this year, and will go on sale starting from the aforementioned markets towards the second half of this year as a 2022 model.

Earlier images of China-Spec 2022 Honda Civic

11th gen Honda Civic prototype

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