5 Things to Consider Before Modifying Your Car

For some people, there is nothing more satisfying than customizing their new vehicle to their own taste. While there are some obvious benefits to modifying your car, there is also a significant downside when it comes to vehicle customization.

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Here are 5 key things you should think before you begin modifying your new car:

It won’t be cheap

If you have already spent on purchasing a car, you likely won’t have enough money left in your budget for modifications. Plus there could be hidden costs involved with customizing your car. For example, if you have got your engine modified, you may need to switch to premium fuel, while installing wider tires will affect fuel consumption so you would need to refill ever so often etc.

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The cost of driving a vehicle can already be quite expensive for some. You don’t want to spend much out of your pocket just for something that may seem nice, but isn’t a necessity. It’s all up to you whether you really want to do it.

The risk

While some alterations can actually make your car safer, others can be quite dangerous.  Unfortunately, there is always the risk of an improper installation or a faulty part that could put you in serious jeopardy. Before getting any customization done, particularly electrical alterations, it’s important to perform the proper due diligence and look at reviews of the company doing the modification.

Warranty could be voided

Perhaps you may not have to worry about your warranty being voided for something as simple as a body modification; however you could run into trouble if you are altering your car’s engine in some way of manipulating its electrical components or ECU.

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Even if a related part is impaired, the car manufacturer will likely blame the damage on the modifications and your warranty claim will be denied. Therefore it is probably in your best interest to avoid any internal modifications if your vehicle is still under warranty.

Increase in maintenance expense

Obviously it’s not that you modify your car and will begin living happily ever after. Depending on the modifications done, especially if there are performance enhancements, there will be an extra burden on the maintenance of the vehicle, so be prepared for that.

Will affect the resale

While it may not always be the case, modifications will likely lower the resale value of your vehicle. Primary reason being the modifications may suit your personal taste, but they might not have a wider appeal.

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Remember, just because you value something high, doesn’t mean another person will. However if you have a modified car, it’s always better if you can find someone to buy your car who probably values the modifications as much as you do.

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