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8th gen Suzuki Alto Completes its 6 years

Suzuki Alto is a popular small hatchback which was first introduced in 1979. Since then the Alto has been a very successful car, both in Japanese domestic as well as export markets. Over all these years, various generations of Alto were available in Pakistan with different names too, the details of which can be found here.

Launch advertisement of 8th gen Suzuki Alto in Japan (2014)

The Alto is currently in its 8th generation which debuted in Japan back on the 22nd of December 2014, and has today competed 6 years of its lifespan. It was designed to have very low fuel consumption, this was achieved using “Suzuki Green Technology” for the body and the engine, and resulted in the car to be 60 kg lighter than the previous model.

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The 8th gen Alto comes equipped with a 658 cc R06A engine, in both naturally aspirated & turbocharged guises. The three-cylinder petrol engine produces up to 63hp with the turbo, and 51hp for regular units. The engines are paired to either a 5-speed manual or a CVT transmission. In Japan four-wheel drive system is also available in both trim levels (Turbo RS & NA). The fuel economy in JC08 test cycle is rated at 37 km/l (2WD) and 33.2 km/l (4WD). In addition to the Turbo RS, a performance version called Alto Works is also available in Japan.

The 8th Suzuki Alto measures 3,395 mm in length, 1,475 mm in width and 1,475 mm/1,500 mm in height. The styling is something that’s not perhaps for everyone’s liking, particularly its back which looks as if designers forgot to add the tail lights which were then slapped on the rear bumper in a hurry. The interior however is roomier and a lot better than previous Alto generations.

It was reported by the Japanese media earlier this year that the 8th gen Alto which has now completed its 6 years lifespan will be replaced by the 9th model in December this year. Although we are already on the 22nd of the month, the news of a new model launch is yet to arrive. Perhaps the COVID-19 impact has caused some delays in Suzuki’s plans to release the new generation Alto, we will have to wait to find out.

Speculative renderings of 9th gen Suzuki Alto & Alto Works

In Pakistan, the 8th gen Alto was introduced last year and instantly jumped to the top of sales chart and since then remains the bestselling vehicle in the country. The car received several price revisions since its launch but the rising prices haven’t created any troubles for Alto as far as the sales are concerned.

However when compared to the Japanese version, the local Alto misses out on a lot of features & equipment including alloy wheels, back wipers, adjustable/ multi-function steering wheel, push button engine start/ stop, side mirrors with integrated turn signals, seat height adjustment, heated seats and front & rear spoilers etc.

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In terms of safety, some features are also missing such as EBD with Brake Assist, and Electronic Stability Program (ESP). Furthermore the JDM Alto is equipped with features such as eco idle, ene-charge regenerative braking system, reversing sensors and collision warning etc all of which remain absent in the local assembled Alto 660cc.

Rowen Alto Works in Japan

Even if the new generation Alto arrives in Japanese market, our chances of getting the newer version will remain slim as the car was introduced in our country just last year and is currently doing tremendously well in terms of sales. So from the looks of it, the 8th gen Suzuki Alto will be here for quite a few years to come.

More updates on the 9th gen Alto will be shared as & when available, stay tuned to CarSpiritPK.

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