Coronavirus: Automakers Modify Logos to Promote Social Distancing

The ongoing coronavirus pandemic has affected the global economies and businesses like never before. And like everyone else, automakers are living difficult days due to the COVID-19 outbreak. Several manufacturers around the globe are taking steps to help authorities by retooling production facilities to produce badly needed equipment for hospitals, health-care workers and patients.

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Meanwhile some carmakers have come up with an original way to show their support for government measures by modifying their brand logos to promote social distancing as a way to help stop the spread of the deadly virus.

German automaker Volkswagen which has a logo with letter V sitting on top of letter W inside a ring, has created an empty space between the two letters depicting social distancing. Whereas Audi, another German automaker has simply separated its iconic four rings apart.

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The renowned German marquee Mercedes-Benz squeezes the three branches inside the ring while not touching the circle. Not many know that South Korean automaker Hyundai’s logo actually shows two people shaking hands; however the automaker has played its part by modifying the logo where you can see the two people while still together are avoiding a handshake.

French automaker Citroen can be seen showing the two chevrons of its logo at a distance from each other in a bid to spread the social distancing message. Morris Garages (MG) the British auto marque now under the influence of Chinese has altered its octagonal outline into a dashed line to show social distancing.

Besides altering their logos, automakers can be seen running special video content & campaigns on social media urging people to stay at home, keep their vehicles parked and maintain social distancing.

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