BYD Emerged as EV Sales Champion in Thailand in January 2023

BYD of China emerged as the EV (electric vehicles) sales champion in Thailand in January 2023, as its Atto 3 model was the top-selling pure EV with 1,040 vehicles delivered during the month, according to Thailand’s latest insurance registration records. The company’s successful performance in the Thai market is due to its large-scale exports of Atto 3, with more than 10,000 vehicles shipped so far.

On 1st November 2022, BYD launched a pre-sale for Atto 3 in Thailand, and within 42 days, the company received 10,500 orders for the model. In fact, demand was so strong that queues began forming outside BYD dealerships the night before, on October 31st from 8 pm. The crowds thronged BYD showrooms across Thailand for their slot to purchase the Atto 3 electric SUV.

The high demand for Atto 3 exceeded BYD’s expectations, leading to delivery difficulties. The company then temporarily closed the reservations which were resumed a month later, after BYD increased its supply to the Thai market. Despite the large-scale exports to Thailand only beginning in December, most of the vehicles are still in the logistics process and have not yet been delivered. Therefore, BYD’s delivery numbers will continue to increase in the forthcoming months.

Atto3 thai6

Top 10 best-selling pure EVs in Thailand in January 2023

Rank Brand Model Sales
1 BYD ATTO 3 1,040
2 NETA V 555
3 ORA Good Cat 494
4 MG ZS EV 372
5 MG EP 175
6 MG 4 Electric 107
7 Volvo XC40 78
8 Volvo C40 46
9 MINI Electric Cooper SE 32
10 BMW iX3 31

Interestingly, considering the fact that Chinese companies own the MG brand and Volvo passenger cars, the top 8 pure EVs sold in Thailand in January were from China.

Atto3 thai3

BYD’s success in the Thai market is set to continue with the construction of its Thailand plant, which has already started. The plant is expected to become operational in 2024 and will have an annual production capacity of 150,000 vehicles. This factory will be BYD’s first overseas vehicle manufacturing plant and its 10th vehicle manufacturing facility overall. The vehicles produced at this plant will mainly be supplied in Thailand and other markets in the Asia-Pacific region.

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