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Can You Trust Your Car Mechanic?

It is said that a good, reliable & trustworthy mechanic is a blessing– it indeed is, because you would actually be an extremely lucky fellow if you are able to find one.

Not all fingers are same, and so are the car mechanics out there so it might sound a little cruel to position every single one of them in our firing line, but unfortunately according to most of the car owners, desi mechanics in general cannot be fully trusted.

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One such case was recently experienced by one of our readers. The owner of the workshop who apparently has two such facilities in Lahore accidently sent the below messages to our reader (the customer) instead of his supervisor. “Koi aur kam nikal iska”

According to the customer, he left his car just to get some steering controls connected however the instructions by the workshop owner that were actually intended for his supervisor clearly reflects how workshops deliberately ‘generate’ excessive work out of nothing just to make some extra cash.

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We are sure there are an endless number of stories about local mechanics, whether they are roadside ones, bigger workshops or even certified dealerships, that they never miss a chance to fleece customers in one way or the other. So at the end of the day there is always a chance you will be ripped off by car mechanics or workshops regardless of how honorable they appear.

As they say, mechanics work hard to build your trust, and when you start trusting them, they’ll show you who they are. Do you have such an experience to share, use the comment section below.

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