Cars for Millionaires

By definition, a millionaire is an individual whose wealth is equal to or exceeds one million units of currency. Depending on the currency, a certain level of prestige is associated with being a millionaire, which makes that amount of wealth a goal for some and almost unattainable for others.

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In our country with currency constantly on a decline, having a million at your disposal doesn’t even make any difference. You need to have a lot more than that to fulfill many things. With the absence of sophisticated public transport, cars are considered an essential mode of transportation especially when you have to move along with your family.

However in recent years, even the prices of ordinary cars have gone past the reach of masses. And today, even if you have the luxury to spend PKR 1 million just to buy an automobile, you will end up hunting for a decent vehicle in used car market since that kind of money won’t buy you a brand new car.

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Let’s look at some of the options which are available around PKR 1 million or a little more. You can then decide whether to spend this sort of money in buying these ‘new’ cars or to get yourself a used one from the market.

United Bravo

United automobiles introduced the 800cc Bavo hatchback in Pakistan back in 2018. Since then, after multiple price revisions the Bravo is now available for PKR 11.99 lac, well above the 1 million price bracket.

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On the plus side you get a rather better looking vehicle inside & out compared to the 3-decades old Mehran on which the car is based on. It gets features including air conditioner, electric power steering, power windows, interactive multimedia system, reversing camera, central locking, fog lamps & alloy wheels.

On the downside it lacks basic safety equipment, as there is no ABS or airbags and not even a proper safety shell as the car was developed by a small scale Chinese automaker with presence in third tier Chinese cities only. Furthermore there is no automatic transmission available with Bravo; there are reports about company in process of introducing one; however it’s obviously going to be priced higher than the manual version.

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Then you need to be lucky enough to be living in selected cities of Punjab province or around the federal capital in order to buy one, as even after almost 2 years since launch, United Bravo is unable to make its nationwide presence.

Prince Pearl

Regal Automobiles after much delay introduced the 800cc Prince Pearl hatchback earlier this year. Under the skin it’s also based on the 2nd gen Suzuki Alto aka Mehran and offers almost everything which the United Bravo has to offer. However after the latest increase in price, the Prince Pearl is available for PKR 11.49 lac, also well above the 1 million budget in debate.

On the downside the availability is a question mark due to limited production capacity and it lacks all the basic safety features that are missed by its cousin– the United Bravo & it lacks automatic transmission option too. Like Bravo, the Pearl only exist in some third tier Chinese cities and both these cars have no presence in any other market across the globe so quality & safety remains a prime concern.

Suzuki Bolan

This vehicle (don’t bash me for using this word) needs no introduction. It was built in late 1970s by those who are already having their eternal sleep. Over 40 years the vehicle is running on our roads and since the last four decades Pak Suzuki is unable to fully produce one locally. Ironically the original 1979 JDM Carry had much more to offer than what the Pak Suzuki Bolan offers us against a mind boggling price tag of PKR 11.34 lac.

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After spending much more than 1 million you will find yourself lucky to have a steering wheel, some seats and a sheet of tin around you. The car doesn’t even offer a fan or a radio, so there is obviously no need to mention the absence of features & equipment since it’s an endless list.

Suzuki Alto VX

Another vehicle that’s available for a little more than PKR 1 million is the base model of 660cc Alto called as the VX. It’s the most stripped down version of the Alto that has just received a massive price hike. Pak Suzuki has revised its price by Rs 63,000 after which the Alto VX is available for PKR 11.98 lac ex-factory.

You won’t be getting most of the things in almost Baara Laakh Rupay as the Alto VX comes without air-conditioning, alloy wheels, wheel caps, power windows/mirrors, matching door handles/ side mirrors, cd player, rear wiper as well as deprived off the safety features including ABS and airbags. You obviously need a big heart to spend more than 1 million on a car that doesn’t even offer an AC.

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Considering the above mentioned options, let us know in this sort of money whether you will prefer buying these new cars or will opt for used ones from the market including the JDMs? Let us know with your comments.

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