Changan Alsvin First Impressions: Amazing!

So last Wednesday, courtesy of Changan Bilal Motors, we got exclusive access to the newly launched Changan Alsvin. So here below is the detailed showroom experience of the Changan Alsvin Lumiere. The unit on display was a white top-of-the-line Lumiere with a 1.5L engine mated to a DCT Automatic.

I tired to get the closeup shots as much as I could so that you could see Alsvin’s built quality up-close from the comfort of your razaai. The door trims had soft touch material on them, the handles felt great and sturdy as well. All the knobs and buttons had a good overall feel and didn’t feel flimsy at all. I had an hour to explore the car and we explore we did. We fiddled with the “HMI” touchscreen, it was fairly responsive and responded timely & accurately to the touches.

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I paired my Bluetooth to the Alsvin and put Ali Sethi’s Mere aur Hain Iraaday on high volume and boy oh boy was I surprised by the sound quality. The bass was rich and deep and so was the clarity and even at high volume the sound did not break. I have to say that Alsvin has got the sound system just right, you probably wouldn’t need to upgrade or change it.

I also closed all the doors and windows and started the car up. I have driven Suzuki Ciaz, Honda City and Toyota Yaris 1.3 and I would say that the quietness of the cabin was comparable to that of the Suzuki Ciaz, which is very good. I put it in the reverse, the reverse camera had a good viewing angle and was fairly clear too.

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The lumbar support of the front and rear seats was good and the leg room in the back was just-okay for (6ft) me with the front seat adjusted according to a 6ft tall person. The fake leather stitching is on the Alsvin’s dashboard too, just like Toyota Yaris, but not so much in your face as it is on the Yaris so you don’t really notice it. There is also some use of piano black in the interior, which look good but is hard to clean. Overall interior quality and feel is satisfying.

Yes, there are few things here and there that are missing, like Traction Control and Hill Start Assist but again, what more can you ask for in a 25-lac vehicle. Plus, small things like Alloy Rims, DRLs and ABS+Airbags as standard goes to show how you can have those goodies even at a cheap price, something deemed impossible in the other local vehicles. Even the basic 1.37L Alsvin has touch screen and the back camera.

Here’s what I think of the Changan Alsvin:

For the price, the features they have to offer is just amazing. This car is set to break the market with this price and rightly so. I’m not the only one who believes that, so do businessmen of auto industry. That is why the dealership Honda City Sales is now Changan City Sales, that used to be a well-known string Honda dealership in the heart of Lahore but now they have signed in Changan that certainly goes to show that Changan will most certainly go the distance. Changan has come a long way now and they have already established good market presence of with the Karavaan minivan.

Kudos to the Changan Master Team for finally putting a strong product next to the BIG3.

If you have any more questions about the car, hit me up in the comments below or message us on Facebook or Instagram, I will surely get back to you.

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