Changan Car Prices Increased in Pakistan

After Toyota, Honda and Suzuki, it Changan to announce the revised prices of its model lineup amid massive devaluation of the Pak Rupee against the US Dollar and increased raw material & transportation costs.

The price of Alsvin sedan has seen a revision of Rs 500,000 across all variants after which the 1.3L MT variant is available for PKR 33.94 lac, the 1.5L DCT for PKR 36.49 lac whereas the flagship Lumiere variant now comes available at PKR 38.44 lac. Both Karvaan variants have witnessed a surge of Rs 400,000 in prices after which the standard variant comes available for PKR 24.69 lac whereas the Karvaan Plus is now available for PKR 26.19 lac. The price of M9 Sherpa has also been increased taking it to PKR 21.84 lac.

The biggest increase comes for the Oshan X7, the price of which has been revised by PKR 13.99 lac. After this, the Comfort variant costs PKR 74.49 lac whereas the flagship FutureSense variant is now available for PKR 77.49 lac. The revised prices are applicable from 30th July 2022.

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