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Civic and City Combined, Surpassed Monthly Sales of Corolla for the First Time

Toyota Corolla has been the sales champion among local assembled cars. It surpassed Suzuki Mehran in 2009 to become the highest selling car of Pakistan and since then its top position in sales chat is unshakeable.

Honda on the other hand has been struggling to keep up with the Corolla. Since 2015, the company stopped presenting individual sales figures of Civic and City and instead been presenting the combined figures of both the cars. Still, even the combined figure was less than half of the sales of Toyota Corolla.

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However since the introduction of the 10th generation Civic, Honda in Pakistan has been steadily getting back on track. Earlier this year Honda Atlas Cars Pakistan Limited (HACPL) announced its annual sales for the year 2017 achieving an all-time sales record since its establishment in 1994. HACPL managed to sell 47,424 units in 2017 with an increase of 49% from 31,780 units in 2016.

The bulk of the credit goes to the new Civic, which marked its record breaking sales volume for one year since its launch on July 21, 2016. The Civic sales for a single year (2017) reached 20,400 units which is an increase of 434% in comparison with the same period last year.

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Now for the first time the combined figures of Civic and City have surpassed the monthly sales of Toyota Corolla. Although with a very marginal lead, Honda sold 4,665 units of Civic & City combined, whereas Toyota sold 4,642 units of Corolla in March 2018.

This could possibly due to the fact that Indus Motors (IMC) has cancelled more than 1,500 bookings which were found to be of individuals/ investors willing to sell these cars for ON money (premium).

It will be interesting to see the sales figures of these cars in coming months, whether Honda is able to maintain their streak or will they fall back again.

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