Colored Car Tires From China

Tires are usually black in color. The black color of tires comes from carbon black, a readily-available material that provides greatly improved wear characteristics and heat-dissipation capabilities when added to rubber compounds. Natural rubber is off-white in color, and in fact the first rubber tires were white.

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Chinese however, are the people who try out new & unusual things among which is the production of fully colored car tires. There are few Chinese companies who think black tires appear boring hence they produce colored tires and to them, these tires have their own benefits.


According to the Chief Engineer of the Double Star Tire Corporation, the colored tires aren’t just for ornamental purpose; these tires actually have two main advantages. First they have 20% low rolling resistance compared to the conventional black tires, thus will improve fuel efficiency of the vehicle. The second benefit is the reduced braking distance which provides safer driving.

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Colored tires have been found occasionally on show-cars but it’s hard to be seen on production cars doing everyday tasks. People believe the colored tires might give their vehicles a look of an oversized toy. Colored tires are yet to be seen on the roads of Pakistan, however with the invasion of Chinese products in Pakistan, no wonder we might get to see these tires in our market too.

Double Star, Zzola & Comforser are among the many Chinese manufacturers that produce colored car tires.

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