Daihatsu Announces to Go All Electric by 2030

Japanese mini car maker Daihatsu has announced that all of its new automobiles in Japan will either be fully electrified or hybrids by 2030. The subsidiary of Toyota also plans to launch its first electric mini vehicle by 2025. Utilizing subsidies from central and local governments, Daihatsu aims to offer the vehicle at around ¥1 million (PKR 15.59 lac).

The decision marks the first time a Japanese automaker has issued a firm electrification plan hinting to bid farewell to combustion engines. The announcement is likely to accelerate the race to develop electric models of mini vehicles, which account for 40% of all new vehicle sales in Japan.

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Daihatsu President Soichiro Okudaira said during the launch event of new Daihatsu Hijet and Atrai minivan:

“We cannot avoid electrification and we have to work on it. We’ll utilize the advantages of hybrid vehicles in developing electric vehicles and launch them soon.”

Other than Daihatsu, Nissan and Mitsubishi are jointly developing an electric mini vehicle which they plan to release it in early fiscal 2022, which starts next April. Honda and Suzuki also plan to release their own electric mini vehicles within the next couple of years.

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