DFSK Ready to Launch BEVs and PHEVs in Pakistan

Following the launch of Haval H6 hybrid in Pakistan, Regal Automobiles is now gearing up to introduce BEV (Battery Electric Vehicles) and PHEV (Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicle) in the country.

The company has teased on its social handles with a “Stay Tuned’ message without revealing the names of the upcoming vehicles, however it does mention ‘a wide range of BEV and PHEV’ giving us a hint to expect more than one vehicle.

Earlier this year, DFSK shared its plans to launch new energy vehicles in Pakistan when it applied for listing on PSX (Pakistan Stock Exchange) seeking to raise Rs 800 million to invest in the EV assembly line. The teaser shared on DFSK’s social handles show us a partial image of the Glory E3 electric vehicle, as its pictures are very commonly available on the internet.

According to the given information, the Glory E3 EV (also known as Seres 3/ SF3) will be a 5 seat crossover with 52.7 kWh battery good for 400 km drive range. The lithiumion battery will take 30 minutes to charge on fast charging mode from 20% to 80% and require up to 8 hours for a full charge on regular charging mode.

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Its surprising to see new companies backed by Chinese automakers having less than a couple of years of presence in Pakistan are launching BEVs and HEVs/ PHEVs in the country whereas the established ones still require a heavy investment to begin spinning their wheels towards electrification.

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