FAW V2 Now Cost PKR 14.99 lac after FED

Certainly not some good times for auto consumers of Pakistan as car prices are constantly climbing up due to depreciating Rupee value against the US Dollar. This has been further amplified by the FED imposed by the government in the latest financial budget 2019-20.

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The government has imposed a 2.5% FED on vehicles up to 1000cc engine capacity, 5% FED on vehicles with 1001 to 2000cc engine capacity and 7.5% FED on cars above 2001cc engine displacement.

This has affected the price of 1300cc FAW V2 which is now available for PKR 14.99 lac. FAW car prices were just revised on the 19th of June and this is the second major increase for V2 within the span of 20 days.

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With FED coming into play, car prices are rapidly going beyond the reach of masses. Want to share your thoughts on this increase, let us know with your comments.

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