Ferrari to Persist with ICE Despite a Significant Industry Shift

Ferrari has made a bold and steadfast commitment to internal combustion engines (ICE) amidst the automotive industry’s increasing shift towards electrification.

Ferrari maintains that ICE engines continue to be valuable and play a critical part in providing the unmatched driving experience that aficionados and Ferraristi yearn for, despite the rising popularity of electric and hybrid vehicles. The Prancing Horse’s legacy is inextricably linked to the Italian manufacturer, and it will not be abandoned.

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In the future, satisfying customers will depend heavily on the characteristics that have characterized the brand for decades. Ferrari says its aware that many car lovers’ emotional attachment to their vehicles is strongly influenced by the sound, power, and character of a conventional ICE. It makes sense that the Italian carmaker believes that internal combustion engines have a certain appeal and give a sensory experience that cannot be matched by electric powertrains.

Portofino Ferrari

Even though Ferrari understands the importance of adopting sustainable mobility, the company is still dedicated to improving ICE technology to make it more effective, clean, and ecologically friendly. There is a good chance that new ICE models will continue to run on carbon-neutral fuels after 2035 if new legislation is passed. This pledge supports efforts made around the world to reduce internal combustion engines’ negative environmental effects and comply with stricter emissions regulations.

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According to Ferrari CEO, Benedetto Vigna:

“The discussion that was happening a few weeks ago about the adoption of e-fuel; I thought that this would happen in 2025 or 2026. This is very good for us because you can run a car with fuel that is neutral. I think that the two are very much compatible, and this is a reinforcement of our strategy.”

Ferrari’s dedication to ICE engines demonstrates its steadfast commitment to its patrons, preservation of the brand’s heritage, and fulfillment of the pledge to offer an unmatched driving experience. The automaker says it is committed to proving that conventional engines can coexist with the most recent developments in sustainable mobility by investing in the development of ICE technology. This will ensure that their cars continue to appeal to ardent auto lovers throughout the world.

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