First Kia EV6 Caught Fire

A first-ever fire incident involving Kia’s award-winning all electric EV6 has surfaced the internet. According to reports, the fire erupted after the EV6 crashed into a concrete barrier somewhere in Budapest, Hungary.

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Although it has been stated many times that EVs are actually less prone to catching fire than conventional combustion engine vehicles, however in the real world there are some instances when an EV has appeared to be more dangerous in a crash. Specifically in case of any impact that affects the battery pack or any of vehicle’s high voltage cabling.

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There are no details yet regarding the reason of this fire incident or the variant of Kia EV6 that got involved in the crash, keeping in mind it comes with both 2-wheel and 4-wheel drive versions with one and two electric motors respectively. Though the driver was reportedly injured and was taken to hospital.

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According to the analysis by InsideEVs, assuming if it’s an all-wheel drive model, then the impact in the front of the vehicle may have damaged the electrical conduits that the high voltage cables needed to power the front motor are run through. If it was a rear-wheel drive model, then the risk of a frontal impact causing a fire would have been reduced – with no second motor there, there are no high voltage electric parts in the front or any charging port to get damaged.

Kia EV6 in fire

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Looking at the video, one can see that the blaze does appear to be concentrated in the front of the Kia, but it’s not coming from underneath the vehicle, so maybe the battery had yet to catch fire or only the front modules had been affected when the video was shot. Official response from Kia regarding this incident is yet to become public.

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