First Tesla Model Y with BYD Blade Battery Rolled Off the Production Line in Germany

The first Tesla Model Y using the LFP battery from BYD rolled off the assembly line Gigafactory in Berlin. Interestingly, the Model Y’s Blade battery from BYD demonstrated a surprisingly high charging efficiency, providing 60% of the charge in just 15 minutes.

German media reported earlier in May that Tesla has started the Model Y’s production process at its German factory using an LFP Blade battery from BYD. And now the first BYD battery-powered Model Y has officially rolled out of the factory.

Tesla Officially Opens Gruenheide Gigafactory

German media reports that the first Tesla Model Y equipped with a BYD LFP battery left the Tesla Berlin plant on 20th May, almost 16 days after the model’s production was officially confirmed. However, it’s a prototype rather than a mass-produced product. A 55 kWh LFP battery on board this entry-level variant provides 440 kilometers of drive range. For comparison, the base Model Y in China has a CATL battery for 60 kWh and a 455 km range.

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Users in Germany who have already tested the vehicle have supplied some interesting information. The Tesla Model Y with a BYD battery appears to be capable of maintaining the 170-kW charging power. As a result, it can charge between 11% and 71% in 15 minutes. For example, Model Y with a CATL battery initially performs at parity, but afterward, its performance drops sharply. Regarding the LFP battery, its charging power starts to decline only after the battery has reached 50% charge. The Tesla Model Y with a BYD battery is therefore superior to the CATL-based model in terms of charging.

Tesla BYD battery 01 1160x666

It was first reported in June last year that BYD will be providing its Blade batteries to a number of automakers including Tesla. The state-of-the-art LFP (lithium-iron-phosphate) Blade battery is said to be a safer & more practical alternative to more traditional battery designs.

BYD’s Blade battery factory

Elon Musk once made fun of BYD but now it seems to have acknowledged the prowess of the Chinese rival which has already surpassed Tesla to become the largest NEV maker in the world. At one time Toyota wasn’t too happy with BYD for copying its designs in the early years of its business, however later the Japanese automaker collaborated with BYD which enabled them to build cost-friendly electric vehicles in China.

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