Geely to Launch a New NEV Brand Called ‘Milky Way’

Chinese auto giant Geely has unveiled an all-new brand called ‘Milky Way’ which will comprise medium-to-high-priced New Energy Vehicles (NEVs) mainly EVs and PHEVs.

Being one of the largest Chinese automakers that own Volvo, Polestar, and London Taxi Inc, Geely owns a number of brands such as Geometry, Livan, Maple, Zeekr, and Lynk & Co, and has controlling stakes in companies including Lotus & Proton.

According to CarNewsChina, the official Chinese title is ‘银河’ (Yinhe) which can also be translated into ‘Galaxy’, however, ‘Milky Way’ is a more accurate translation. It consists of two hieroglyphs ‘银’ (Yin, Silver) and ‘河’ (He, River), while ‘galaxy’ in the Chinese language is ‘星系’. So we will be referring it to as Milky Way until its official international name is unveiled.

milkyway 01

As per the information, Geely will be developing an all-new architecture to be used by the new brand & it won’t rely on existing platforms used by other Geely-owned brands. Though details are scarce at this stage, however, Geely has teased the first Milky Way car which will be an electric sedan. The 4,900 mm long sporty sedan features a continuous hood line, sharp headlights, rear-hinged back doors, and a sloped rear end.

Milky Way by Geely

Geely has also released a couple of more images, one showing the bi-layer LED tail lights and the other showing the seats. More details are expected to be surfaced soon as Geely plans to launch the Milky Way brand on February 23. Stay tuned for more information.

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