Ghandhara Nissan Likely to Resume Datsun Car Production After Brownfield Status

Board of Investment (BOI) and the Engineering Development Board (EDB) have agreed to grant the Brownfield status to Ghandhara Nissan Limited under the Auto Policy 2016-21.

Under the Brownfield category, Ghandhara Nissan will be allowed to import auto parts at lower rates of customs duty for a period of 3 years. In October last year, a Ghandhara Nissan delegation, headed by CEO Ahmed Kuli Khan Khattak, visited BOI to meet its officials and discuss the possibility of reviving the company’s assembly plant under the new automobile development policy.

A comprehensive presentation was given to the BOI secretary on the manufacturing of Datsun branded cars in Pakistan by pouring a fresh investment of Rs 4.5 billion in the first four years of operation, while the project is expected to create 1,810 job opportunities Pakistan.

Ghandhara Nissan was incorporated on 8th August, 1981 as a private limited company in Pakistan and was later converted into a public limited company on 24th May, 1992. It started vehicle production in December 1996, but after about 14 years, its production activities were closed down. Since 2010 Ghandhara Nissan car assembly plant has remained inactive.

Datsun in Pakistan- What to Expect?

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