Glass Shortage- Latest Crisis in Global Automotive Supply Issue

Automakers in addition to several other businesses in Europe are facing a shortage of glass as a result of rising energy costs, according to Business Insider.

Reportedly Volkswagen is already stockpiling glass components such as windows and windscreens amid the worsening supply chain crisis in the region. As per details, a shortage of natural gas from Russia due to its restricted export to Europe could result from the former’s ongoing conflict with Ukraine, and European businesses requiring significant volumes of glass are preparing for a possible glass shortage from the situation.

According to the report, glass production involves the melting of sand, soda ash and limestone, and the energy required to do this in Europe largely comes from Russian-supplied gas. Further complications can arise from the gas supply uncertainty, as the manufacture of glass cannot be stopped abruptly mid-process as the hot liquid glass would cool and harden, leading to equipment breakdowns, the report noted. “You cannot just turn the machines off,” said Bertrand Cazes, secretary-general of lobby group Glass Alliance.

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Analysts believe a serious shortage of glass could cause another supply chain disruption like those previously set off by the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic, the subsequent post-lockdown demand and the semi-conductor shortages.

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