Goods Transporters Announce Countrywide Strike Against Impounding of Containers

Goods transporters have announced a wheel-jam strike across the country against the impounding large number of containers for blocking roads to thwart political rallies. According to details, the goods transporters have given the incumbent government a 48-hour deadline to release the impounded vehicles.

A spokesperson for the goods transporters has revealed that the government has impounded nearly 6,000 vehicles and containers across the country. He further said the transporters were bearing Rs 15,000 to Rs 16,000 daily on one container, urging the Supreme Court (SC) of Pakistan to take suo motu of the matter.

“We were already suffering from the increase in diesel prices and now the police have impounded our containers. The government should use its resources to thwart political rallies instead of using our vehicles and containers.”

According to the spokesperson, the containers also contain chemicals and life-saving medicines. “Who will be responsible if a fire breaks out?” he asked. Government and the Supreme Court however, are yet to respond to transporters’ plea for the release of the impounded vehicles and containers.

Source: Pakistan Observer

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