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Government Asks Changan to Hold the Price Increase

Government has asked Master Changan Motors to hold the increase in prices, which the company had announced earlier this week. Citing rising shipping cost as the reason, the company increased the prices by Rs 120,000 across its entire range of products. The revised prices were applicable from 25th of August 2021.

However according to the latest notification, Changan has announced to temporarily suspend the price increase of all its models until further notice, as instructed by the government. The notice also adds that the previously booked vehicles will continue to be delivered (as per the old prices).

changan hold

Government in the latest Auto Policy announced to slash various duties and taxes after which prices of locally assembled cars witnessed a decline probably for the first time in the history. However Changan’s decision to jack up the prices saw severe criticism from consumers and potential buyers. Bear in mind the prices of newly launched Alsvin sedan were already revised in March 2021 hardly a couple of months after its launch.

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Following Changan, other automakers were also expected to announce their price revisions however government’s intervention will give a sigh of relief to the auto consumers, but for how long? Well, we will have to wait to find out.

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