How Changan Oshan X7 Stacks Up Against the Competition

Master Changan having seen good success with the Karvaan minivan and M9 Sherpa pickup and recently a great response with the Alsvin subcompact sedan within short span of time has now tapped the crossover segment with the launch of new Oshan X7 CUV.

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More importantly whatever Changan has offered in Pakistan is the current generation models launched in line with the global lineup unlike many newcomers as well as existing players relying heavily on outdated models. Changan calls Oshan X7 a disruption in CUV segment, with plenty to offer to its customers. Lets see how well it stacks up against the competition and whether its really a disruption in the market in true means.

Oshan X7 debut 21

Pakistan’s first locally assembled Euro-6 vehicle

Changan boasts the Oshan X7 as the first locally assembled vehicle to have a Euro-6 compliant engine under its hood. Not only that its environment friendly but its also very economical with the company claiming it to be up to 44% more fuel efficient compared to other vehicles available in the market.

Most powerful 1.5L turbo engine

And its not just about greener fuel efficiency, the new Blue Core turbocharged engine deployed in the Oshan X7 is also the most powerful 1.5L engine available in Pakistan, ever more than that of Proton X70. The Oshan X7 with its 1.5L turbo engine punches out 185 hp of power and staggering 300 Nm of torque. Power is sent to front wheels via 7-speed DCT gearbox with multiple customizable driving modes. However it is worth mentioning that Oshan X7 comes in FWD only.

X7 media 04

Commenting on the lack of AWD drivetrain, Changan says the Oshan X7 is an urban crossover and is not marketed as an off-roader. And with an engine that generates so much power, one really won’t feel the need to have AWD in urban driving instances.

Larger dimensions, bigger footprint, better stability & comfort

Changan Oshan X7 measures 4,730 mm long, 1,870 mm wide and 1,720 mm tall with a 2,786 mm wheelbase making it one of the largest vehicles in the segment. The bigger dimensions & greater wheelbase not only results in a larger foot print resulting in better road stability but also ensures better interior space for the occupants.

X7 media 05

5- and 7-seat variants for diversified range of consumers

It is also the only CUV in the market which is available in both 5-seat and 7-seat variants. The ones already there in the market were either available with only 5 seats, or only 7 seats. This will help Oshan X7 reach a more diversified range of consumers. The base Oshan X7 variant called Comfort is available with 7-seats whereas the flagship FutureSense is a 5-seat variant.

Changan Oshan X7 price

The Changan Oshan X7 in Pakistan is priced at PKR 57.5 lac for 7-seat Comfort and PKR 59.5 lac for the 5-seat FutureSense flagship variant.

Oshan X7 debut 47

Oshan X7 against the competition

Changan Oshan X7 can be compared with a lot of vehicles available in the market, in terms of segment as well as price range. Lets see how it stacks against the competition.

Honda Civic

civic pk 2

Just a couple of days before the launch of Oshan X7, Honda Atlas launched the 11th generation Civic in Pakistan with its flagship RS variant priced at PKR 61.49 lac. This makes the flagship Oshan X7 FutureSense almost Rs 200,000 less expensive than Honda’s newest sedan. If someone has the luxury to spend Rs 6 million in buying a new vehicle, the presence of Oshan X7 FutureSense in this price bracket might appear as a worthy option with comparable features such as heated & ventilated power adjustable leather seats, 10.25 inch HMI system, 7-inch digital meter cluster, panoramic sunroof, front & rear parking sensors, TPMS, Hill-Start and Descent control system, stability and traction control, adaptive cruise control, forward collision warning, autonomous emergency braking, 360-camera, DVR (digital video recorder) smart proximity entry system and automatic walk-away door locks to name a few.

Toyota Fortuner


Being a 7-seat CUV the Oshan X7 can pull the buyers of Toyota Fortuner with an advantage of being much lower in price, poweful engine capable to haul 7 people with ease and better driving characteristic since Fortuner is a ladder-frame off-roading SUV and lacks quality urban driving characteristics. The Fortuner is priced from PKR 85.69 lac for the base 2.7L petrol variant and goes as high as PKR 108.42 lac for the flagship 2.8L diesel Legender variant.

Kia Sorento

The 7-seat Kia Sorento also comes under the firing line of Changan Oshan X7. Kia is already struggling with stagnant sales of Sorento which is an older generation model on sale in Pakistan. Rumors are there that Kia is considering to replace the 3rd gen Sorento with the new 4th gen model but nothing can be confirmed at this stage.

Kia Sportage and Hyundai Tucson

sportage pk

The South Korean duo of sister products Kia Sportage and Hyundai Tucson which rides on same platform and are powered by same engines also stand as top contenders of the Oshan X7. However both Sportage and Tucson are powered by 2.0L naturally aspirated engines which is less powerful (155hp/195Nm) than the 1.5L turbo (185hp/300Nm) found in the Oshan X7.

Also due to the fact that both Sportage and Tucson have 2.0L engine, the Oshan X7 gets an edge not only because of the smaller yet more powerful & fuel efficient engine, but also gains benefits due to tax cuts. After the latest increase, the Sportage AWD cost PKR 60.0 lac whereas Tucson AWD Ultimate is available for PKR 59.99 lac making them slightly expensive than the Oshan X7 FutureSense.


MG HS slvr 2

MG HS is another competitor in the crossover segment that has been doing good in terms of sales in recent years. However since it comes as a CBU, the price of HS has witnessed a massive bump due to increased duties & taxes on completely built imported vehicles. MG HS now cost PKR 8.9 million hence when compared to Oshan X7, the latter appears to be a much sensible purchase.

Proton X70

X70 Proton

Before now the Proton X70 was the most powerful crossover available in Pakistan with its 1.5L three-cylinder engine producing 176hp and 255Nm, however it has been out-shadowed by the more powerful Oshan X7 (185hp/ 300Nm). Moreover the Proton X70 was launched way back in December 2020 but its local production is yet to kick off, leaving all those in utter despair who booked this vehicle. As per sources, Proton might begin volume production of X70 towards the end of March 2022 however the crossover is expected to receive a massive price bump before the commencement of deliveries. This will bring Proton X70 in the same price league as that of Oshan X7 which will make the comparison even more interesting. Like Proton X70, the Oshan X7 is also backed by 5-years/ 150,000 km company warranty.

DFSK Glory 580 Pro

Glory 580 pro

Another underrated crossover in the market is DFSK Glory 580 Pro, which comes as a 7-seat CUV rich in features and equipment & is priced at PKR 50.4 lac. The vehicle is mostly popular in Punjab province where the dealership network is relatively stronger than the rest of the country. And this is where the Oshan X7 has an edge due to better nationwide presence & after sales support compared to what Regal offers with DFSK Glory.

Haval H6 and Jolion

Haval H6 01

Haval H6 and Jolion are also present in the same price bracket but with local production far from sight. Both are sold here as CBU with limited or no dealership network across the country which is the main drawback for opting these vehicles. Although good on papers with a rich list of features & equipment on offer, the Haval H6 is priced at PKR 68.49 lac whereas Jolion is available for PKR 60.2 lac. Both vehicles have 1.5L turbo engine however the H6 gets in tune of a more powerful 147hp/ 230Nm output compared to 141hp/ 210Nm of Jolion.

Jolion n 01

Peugeot 2008

Peugeot2008 clifton 05

In PKR 6.0 million range, Lucky Motors has also recently introduced the Peugeot 2008 crossover which being a B-segment CUV comes available with a 1.2L turbo engine (130hp/ 230Nm) priced at PKR 58.5 lac. However since Lucky Motors is positioning Peugeot has a premium brand in Pakistan, hence the higher price tag. However considering both the products, the Oshan X7 appears to be a much reasonable choice.

The concerns

However there are some concerns. Changan was quick to increase the prices of Alsvin sedan soon after its launch, however we strongly believe this should not become the case with Oshan X7. As witnessed by consumers in almost every car launch in recent years, the prices of newly launched cars are increased before the first batch is delivered to the customers.


X7 media 03

Secondly the deliveries should be made in committed time. But since Changan has been rolling off the locally built units since more than a month, it stands in a better position to timely deliver the vehicle. Considering the fact that Oshan X7 belongs to a niche market, the volumes are expected to be lower than that of Alsvin which means ideally there shouldn’t be any delays in deliveries.

x7 alsvin

The Oshan X7 seems to be a nice addition to the booming CUV segment. With striking appearance, rich features & equipment and impressive safety features, better utility (5- & 7-seats) as well as 5-years/ 150,000 km warranty, it has got all the bells and whistles to literally disrupt the market. Whether it will be able to do that, we will have to wait to find out. What is your take on the new Changan Oshan X7, let us know with your comments.

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