How FAW Carrier Stacks Up Against Suzuki Ravi and Mega Carry

The primary preference in the small commercial pickup segment has been the Suzuki Ravi, however Pak Suzuki felt the need of another loading pickup in their lineup as these vehicles have seen an staggering increase in demand due to CPEC related activities. Hence in December 2017, Mega Carry was introduced in the market.

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However in a market where people prefer spending a ridiculously high amount getting nothing in return other than resale, it’s pretty difficult for any newcomer to penetrate the market, with parameters such as features, utility and performance on the menu. However the FAW Carrier has been steadily building its name. Launched back in 2012, the Carrier has been around for nearly 7 years now and has become a regular sight on roads.

In terms of price, it sits between the two available Suzuki options and delivers a performance that literally outshines both of its rivals. Let us see how the FAW Carrier takes on the Suzuki Ravi and Mega Carry Extra.

The Engine

Since the ultimate duty of these pickups is to carry weight, how powerful the engine is, matters a lot. The Suzuki Ravi is powered by a 797cc engine that’s good for 37hp of power and 62Nm of torque. Mega Carry gets a 1493cc engine that develops 92hp of power with 126Nm of torque. FAW Carrier fits between the two with a 970cc engine producing 60hp of power and 84Nm of torque.

  Engine (cc) Power (hp) Torque (Nm) Weight (Kg) Ratio
Suzuki Ravi 797 37 62 650 0.0258
FAW Carrier 970 60 84 865 0.0315
Merga Carry 1493 92 126 1100 0.0379

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The Math

Despite being the lightest, the Ravi has the least powerful engine which results in the worst power-to-weight ratio. The Mega Carry may have the highest number of horses but it is also the heaviest among the lot, so it roughly generates similar power-to-weight ratio as the FAW Carrier.

The Loading Capacity

This is a crucial parameter since how much load the vehicle can accommodate, can directly affect the operating expenditure. The FAW Carriers has an 8ft loading deck with 1-ton three-way loading capacity, compared to Ravi which has a 6ft deck with 0.6 ton loading capacity. Mega Carry despite being the biggest has a loading capacity of 0.75 ton with an 8ft three-way loading deck.

Driver Convenience

The FAW Carrier offers better driver convenience, since commercial vehicles drivers are supposed to drive these vehicles all day long. It’s important for them to feel easy and relaxed as what they do is never an easy job. The FAW Carrier has a much better and comfortable cabin with better car-like fabric seats for the driver, head rests, fan/ heater, better door cards with built-in pockets, cigarette lighter, AM/ FM radio with USB input etc.

The interior of FAW Carrier is undeniably superior to Mega Carry as well as the Ravi. Mega Carry’s interior has got absolutely nothing at all. There’s nothing on the dashboard, literally.. nothing! No air vents, no heater/ fan, no head rests for the driver, no radio, no cigarette lighter.. However what Pak Suzuki does officially mention as its features include horn, seat-belts, two side mirrors and 14-inch steel wheels.

The Price

Despite more than a year since launch, the Mega Carry is struggling to make its mark and the company has recently reduced its price by Rs 200,000. Pak Suzuki Mega Carry is now available for PKR 12.99 lac instead of its original price tag of PKR 14.99 lac. However as per sources the price reduction will be valid till March 2019 only.

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It is also interesting to know that the Mega Carry is sold as a CBU import and not as a locally assembled option. Which means by offering discounts, Pak Suzuki might be trying to clear the unsold stocks like it did with the Kizashi.

Suzuki Ravi on the other hand cost PKR 7.76 lac, whereas both Ravi and Mega Carry are available in a single trim. FAW Carrier on the other hand comes in three variations, and is priced at PKR 9.19 lac (deckless), PKR 9.29 (Flatbed) and PKR 9.39 (Standard).

The Warranty

While Pak Suzuki offers a standard 2 years/ 40,000km warranty, FAW offers a 3 years/ 60,000km warranty with the Carrier. However Pak Suzuki does offer an extended warranty facility of 3 years/ 60,000km or 4 years/ 80,000km against a premium amount.

The Verdict

Comparing the three, the FAW Carries delivers the best of both worlds. It offers better driver convenience, packs a lot of features, has the maximum loading capacity and a much reasonable price. It is nearly 3 lac cheaper than the Mega Carry while offering a similar utility. It is a reliable as well as currently the cheapest 1-ton pickup available in the market.

Various FAW Carrier units performing their duties:

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