How Will the Next Generation Toyota Corolla for Pakistan Look Like?

Toyota launched the 12th generation of the most successful automobile nameplate­– the Corolla in hatchback, estate as well as sedan forms in 2018. While the hatchback & estate versions were launched in the first half of 2018, the sedan was unveiled towards the end of the year.

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For the first 10 generations, Toyota Corolla looked almost same for every market across the globe. From the 11th generation however, two substantially different design treatments were offered– one for North American markets and the other for the rest of the world. But this time, the TNGA based 12th generation Corolla features 3 different fascias.

The new sedan debuted in a simultaneous launch event in November 2018 held in California, USA as well as Guangzhou, China. The US-spec Corolla carried a different face, whereas two more iterations were shown in China, as Toyota operates two joint ventures for the Chinese market, and both sells their own version of Corolla. The FAW-Toyota joint venture has been selling a Corolla that looks different from the one sold by GAC-Toyota venture, that’s apparently labeled as Toyota Levin in China.

This is also the first time that a hybrid Corolla variant will be sold in international markets. Before now, the hybrid was restricted to Japanese domestic Corolla Axio variants, that’s actually smaller and narrower than the international-spec Corolla in order to comply with Japanese market regulations.

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A month after the 12th gen Corolla sedan made its debut, the hybrid variant for the US market was launched at the 2018 Los Angeles Motor Show. Wearing a different fascia than its gasoline powered sibling, the Corolla hybrid for US market is more reminiscent to the China-spec Levin or the hatchback/ estate versions launched earlier.

Considering this, it’s difficult to predict at this stage how would the Corolla for the international markets, and more importantly the one intended for our market is going to look like. Indus Motors has been generally replacing the Corolla generation in every 6 years in Pakistan and is hardly a year behind compared to international models as far as the launch is concerned. The 11th generation Corolla was introduced in Pakistan back in mid 2014 and will be completing its 6 years in 2020. So one can expect the next generation Corolla to make its debut ideally around Q3, 2020 in our country.

So how will the New Toyota Corolla for our market look like?

Earlier this week, the assembly of the Toyota Corolla sedans for the European and Russian markets began at the Toyota plant in Sakarya, Turkey. Along with the gasoline version, the hybrid variants with an additional investment of 230 million Euros is being produced at the facility. The line-off ceremony at the factory in Sakarya, was graced by Vice President Fuat Oktay, Minister of Industry and Technology Mustafa Varank and Minister of Agriculture and Forest Bekir Pakdemirli’nin.

It is therefore evident from the pictures that the Corolla for European and Russian markets will be the one that was presented by FAW-Toyota venture at the Guangzhou Auto Show and will likely be the same offered for the Asian and Pakistani market in particular.

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Pakistan is the largest market for Toyota Corolla in Asia Pacific region and is currently the 4th highest globally in terms of sales. It is quite likely that we will be among the foremost markets in Asia to receive the 12th generation Corolla. If all goes well, one can expect the latest generation of the most popular vehicle of Pakistan to arrive somewhere towards Q3, 2020. Want to share your inputs, use the comment section below.

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