How Would Animals Feel if They Look at a Bike Rider

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How would animals feel if they look at a bike rider? Whoosh, and then a yell; watch out! Where are you going? Are you going to run us over?

No, this is not a book. This a scenario from a life of a Karachiite going to office and is being irritated by the bike riders, who seem to think they are the only people to drive on the road and are in a hurry, the rest of the crowd is just a bin, to be kicked/ handled aside.

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Motorbike, is a two wheel contraption and is a cheap mode of transport, a blessing in the spread out city, where buses are not enough to commute people to their destination. However, this contraption is hated by everyone but the driver itself and has also been dubbed as a Shaitan’s sawari (Devil’s vehicle).

This title is a just one as well, particularly, when you see the rider trying to worm his way through tight gaps between cars, and things turn to a heated level when the goon scratches the glossy car or break the side mirrors and tries to scoot away. Later when caught, shaitan blurts out excesses forgetting that he was the wrong doer in the first place subsequently.

How Would Animals Feel if They Look at a Bike Rider 1

Sometimes, he ends up being beaten, if the car owner is a powerful person, or is traveling with a companion. Normally, the car owner is bad mouthed by the on-lookers, who claim that Allah has given him money and so he should be forgetful and pay for the rule breaking of the bike owner. These people perhaps follow Akbar-e-Azam, which is being preached by their guru otherwise, Islam does not say this in any way. Further, they also fail to realize the fact that rules are for everyone and Allah SWT is not going to let them go for just being poor and are going to be punished as well, if found wrong.

In any case, the stupid bike can be completely re-made for a mere 5,000 to 7,000 while makeover of even a tithe like scratch on any car is going to cost well above this amount. Now, don’t say that a car owner is rich, remember, like bikes, the cars are available on installments too and an average person cannot afford to pay-off the idiocies of the bike owners. In any case the bike owners need to look into their doings. After-all, they call themselves humans and humans do not need to act like animals, lead and unsaddled life.

How Would Animals Feel if They Look at a Bike Rider 2

However, forgive me, but animals too act in a more matured way than the goons on the bikes. Even the he goats living in a house full of human family spares girls’ feelings and does not act manly in front of them. The same sane attitude cannot be expected from people who have become shameless enough to hit a car and instead of apologizing/ feel sorry, stare angrily for making him brake. I am pretty sure if a goat could speak, it would be speechless at the antics of the bike riders. Our bike riders exactly act like a herd of pig, where each and every animal is trying to jump to the front.

There is a new trend, that is being observed now a days in this shaitani circle; drive around with lights off. While a bike rider may be gaining an un-explainable fun by doing this stunt, other drivers on the road are startled with a deafening roar and then crash of metal on metal is heard because the shaitan could not be seen in-time to avoid the accident.

Another thing, we say that we need someone who can tell us to follow rules; I have seen policemen literally raising their arms as high as they could and yet the stupid prince like riders on shaitani sawari just whizz by, I don’t know what a few minutes patience is going to cost them?

How Would Animals Feel if They Look at a Bike Rider 3

Coming wrong way, crossing over footpaths, overs peeding, turning without indicators, breaking signals and traveling without headlights have made the motorcycle riders one of the biggest menace of our traffic woes.

Perhaps, someone like Hajaj Bin Yousuf is needed to cure the bike riders because they are falling further into the pits of the senselessness and I don’t know if a good beating is going to cure this attitude. I wonder if the government puts a ban on 2-wheel motorcycles and instead hand them a 4-wheeler/ rickshaw sort of thing, this might encourage the end of trying to poke their butt in the small spaces.

From the heart of a 4-wheel driver who follow the rules on road.

Stat: More than 750 new motorcycles enter the mainstream traffic every day in Karachi. The number of bikes in Karachi has risen to over 2.8 million, thus increasing traffic problems in the metropolis which is already battling with worsening public transport system.

Written by Khurram Memon from Karachi

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