Hyundai Announces Re-Entry in Japan

South Korean automaker Hyundai has announced its re-entry into the Japanese passenger car market after abandoning it in 2009.

In this new attempt, eco-friendly vehicles such as electric and hydrogen vehicles will take the lead, as well as online sales and mobility services are planned. As such, Hyundai says it would change the name of its Japanese subsidiary from ‘Hyundai Motors Japan’ to ‘Hyundai Mobility Japan’. The company explained:

“This reflects Hyundai’s goal of becoming a ‘smart mobility solution provider’ in Japan.”

hyundai jp3

First Hyundai models to be available in Japan will be the award winning all-electric IONIQ 5 and hydrogen fuel cell NEXO. Full-scale delivery is expected to begin in July. According to Jae-Hoon Jang, president of Hyundai Motor Company:

“We regret that we virtually withdrew from the Japanese market in 2009. Currently, there are about 600 Hyundai cars in operation in Japan, which is a negligible level. We will do our best to provide differentiated services focusing on eco-friendly vehicles.”

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Hyundai is also promoting online sales of new cars in Japan. The automaker will handle the entire purchase process online, from car model selection to quotation, test drive, order, payment, and delivery. At the same time, Hyundai plans to build a Hyundai Customer Experience Center in Yokohama as a base to promote its brand image and new cars.

Hyundai JP

In addition to selling new cars, Hyundai is also promoting various mobility service businesses based on automobiles, such as car sharing. Hyundai plans to introduce a car-sharing service using the IONIQ 5 and NEXO in collaboration with the local car-sharing platform ‘Anika’ in Japan.

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