Hyundai-Nishat in July Sold More Sonata Than Elantra

Hyunai-Nishat launched the obsolete 6th generation Elantra compact C-segment sedan in Pakistan in March 2021 and has recently introduced the latest 8th generation Sonata mid-sized D-segment sedan in our market in July 2021. Both these cars are being assembled locally at Hyundai-Nishat’s plant in Faisalabad.

According to the sales data released by Pakistan Automobile Manufacturers Association (PAMA), the company has sold more Sonata sedans than the more affordable Elantra which is surprising. Hyundai-Nishat sold 163 units of Sonata sedan in comparison with 157 units of Elantra during the month of July.

Sonata white blk

Although Sonata is an expensive product priced at PKR 63.99 lac for base 2.0L and PKR 70.99 lac for flagship 2.5L variant, it is in fact a lot cheaper when compared to its competition– the Toyota Camry and Honda Accord both of which are offered as CBU and priced at PKR 186 lac and PKR 119 lac respectively.

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Sonata also happens to be the first locally assembled Hyundai passenger car (in Pakistan) that’s in line with its global model. The previously introduced Tucson crossover SUV as well as the Elantra sedan launched earlier this year are previous generation models which have been replaced by newer generation ones in international markets.

Sonata white blk 2

On the other hand, the older generation Elantra which competes against the likes of Honda Civic and Toyota Corolla is priced at PKR  38.99 lac (after priced reduction amid tax cuts).  However in presence of established names in similar price league, the 6th gen Elantra is unable to enjoy huge sales as it was supposed to experience. According to PAMA data, sales of Elantra stood at 857 units between March and June 2021 and so far including the numbers from July stands at 1,014 units in 5 months of its presence in Pakistan averaging 202 units a month.

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Although Elantra will continue to face stiff competition from veterans like Corolla & Civic, the roads seems to be open for Sonata as it will entice good number of executive buyers who like to have a loaded sedan rather than a crossover SUV.

6th gen Elantra in Pakistan vs 7th gen Elantra elsewhere

Car sales in Pakistan are expected to grow in forthcoming months due to decreased prices amid tax reductions & as well as record-breaking increase in car financing due to lower interest rates. Lets wait & see how the two Hyundai sedans are going to perform in terms of sales.

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