Hyundai Sonata Sales in Pakistan Nosedive

Hyundai-Nishat launched the 8th generation (DN8) Sonata mid-sized sedan in Pakistan as a CKD-assembled model in July 2021. Since the beginning, the Sonata did fairly well in terms of sales considering its price & segment.

Within the first 6 months of its launch, the Sonata which is a D-segment model and is seen as a competitor of the Toyota Camry & Honda Accord outpaced its sibling Hyundai Elantra multiple times in monthly sales– the latter being a C-segment sedan meant to compete against the likes of Toyota Corolla & Honda Civic.

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With an average monthly sales of nearly 320 units, the Sonata was selling twice as much as the Suzuki Swift (previous model) the average monthly sales of which stood around 152 units. Sonata was also able to surpass the 1,000 units sales mark within just 5 months of presence in the market, and considering the fact that it was a premium D-segment offering, the feat was indeed quite impressive for a car of this size & price.

Sonata pk1

Now, however, it looks as if the honeymoon period of Sonata is over as the D-segment sedan is suffering from a massive decline in sales. Between July and December 2021, Sonata sold an impressive 1,240 units however during the same period of the current fiscal year the sales of Hyundai Sonata nosedived to just 551 units witnessing a deplorable 55% decline.

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There are varied reasons behind the downward trend in sales. First, the demand for Sonata might have taken a hit due to the ongoing economic challenges which have seen an industry-wide decline. Secondly, the 8th gen Sonata which is considered a ‘flop’ model in Hyundai headquarters, is supposed to get a new replacement model soon. There are also reports emerging that Hyundai may even ‘kill’ the Sonata nameplate altogether due to sluggish sales.


Sonata blk2

According to company insiders in South Korea, Hyundai is working to convert the Sonata production manpower and facilities to the electric vehicle sector. Hyundai also stopped production of the Sonata and Grandeur at its Asan plant in South Korea for about a month in January last year and shifted some of its production facilities to produce the all-new IONIQ 6 EV.

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So despite slow sales, how long will Hyundai-Nishat continue with the 8th gen Sonata here will be an interesting thing to see. However, a facelift model for the current DN8 Sonata is scheduled to be released in 2023, which will keep the car fresh for another couple of years before the “Sonata” is officially retired. Will Hyundai-Nishat bring the Sonata facelift here, we will have to wait to find out.

Speculative rendering of new Hyundai Sonata
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