IM L7- Another Premium Electric Sedan from China

Just 18 months since IM Motors was founded as a joint venture between SAIC, Alibaba, and Zhangjiang Hi-Tech, their first model– the L7 premium electric sedan is almost ready for customer deliveries.

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In terms of dimensions, the IM L7 measures 5,098mm long, 1,960mm wide, 1,485mm tall and have a wheelbase of 3,100mm. To give you an idea of its size, the current generation Toyota Camry measures 4,890/ 1,840/ 1,450mm & has a 2,820mm wheelbase, which makes the IM L7 even longer, much wider and taller than Camry while having a very generous wheelbase ensuring greater inside space for the occupants. The L7 also has an impressive drag coefficient of 0.21 Cd which is a key aspect in determining the energy consumption of EVs.

zhiji motor im 1

Design wise the L7 is a very impressive sedan with (∑) epsilon-shaped daytime running lights being the first thing that catch the attention. It gives a very distinctive light signature no one is going to mistake seeing in their rear view mirror. Further back, gently sculpted sides with a taut crease running to the rear lights make the L7 look lithe and dynamic. Towards the back, there is a full-width lightbar kinked in the middle into a duck-tail rear. Other notable features include the black roof that houses a full-length panoramic window, and the dome behind the windscreen which houses sensors and cameras.

zhiji motor im

Inside the L7 ambience is equally striking. Sitting atop the wide leather-covered dashboard is a massive 39-inch 4K resolution touchscreen display composed of one 26-inch screen and one 13-inch screen. Both can be lowered by a couple of inches at the touch of a button or when race mode is activated, upon which G-sensors and timing clocks are displayed. Beneath these, there is yet another screen, a 12.8-inch AMOLED affair which offer controls for most functions in the car. Seats are clad in Bavarian-sourced leather while micro-fiber lined upper surfaces give off a very premium vibe. Touch-sensitive buttons on the steering wheel, doors and dash look quite attractive too.

im l7 is chinas latest luxury ev saloon

The IM L7 is available in two versions, Dynamic and Pro. Dynamic is the cheaper of the two and comes with 19-inch wheels rather than the larger 20-inchers on the Pro, but these can be upgraded. Both versions come with all-wheel drive, with a 175kW (235hp) motor on the front axle and 250kW (335hp) motor on the rear. Combined, they produce 725 Nm of torque and enables L7 to sprint from 0-100 km/h in just 3.8 seconds.

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The car features aluminum alloy suspension as well as four-wheel steering, where the rear wheels turn slightly in opposite directions to the front giving ‘snake-like’ handling and a decent turning circle, beneficent to maneuver a car of this size in tight spaces. L7 also comes equipped with 50:50 weight distribution and different width Pirelli P-Zero Custom tires on the front and rear (245mm front, 275mm rear). Battery is a 93kWh unit, which offers 615 km of driving range on the NEDC cycle. Wireless charging up to 11kWh is also available, which requires the car to drive over a charging pad.

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Powered by an NVIDIA Jetson Xavier chipset, the L7’s safety net comprises 12 ultrasonic sensors, 11 HD cameras, 5 mm wave radars, two positioning units, and two LiDAR units. This enables Level 3 autonomous driving in locations where it’s permitted, and includes things like automatic lane keeping assist and adaptive cruise control (activated by paddles behind the steering wheel), and highway- and city-level autonomous driving. Though Level 3 autonomous functions still require drivers to be alert and ready to intercept at all times.

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IM also provides its users with a service package named “zero-disturbance high-definition service experience” This package includes a high-definition service package, including auto insurance, vehicle maintenance, vehicle health inspection, and off-site insurance. Pre-sale price of the IM L7 is 408,800 yuan ($64,000 USD). The IM L7 seems to be a wonderful first effort from a brand only 18 months old and it will become a worthy addition to the premium sedans available in Chinese market, though export plans have not been outlined yet.

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