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IMC Introduces New Colors with 1.3L Corolla XLi

Indus Motor Company (IMC) has introduced three new colors with the 1.3 liter Toyota Corolla XLi. According to details, the new colors– Super White, Graphite Grey and Silver Metallic will only be available with the manual transmission versions of the Corolla XLi. The company will also be offering free registration to the first 200 customers who avail this offer.

Toyota Corolla, which once used to be the bestselling car in Pakistan is experiencing a dreadful decline in sales. IMC has managed to sell just 11,742 Corolla units during the first half of FY2019-20 compared to 27,950 units in the same period a year earlier, witnessing a -58% decline.

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The latest move is also attributed towards clearing of unsold Toyota Corolla inventory which will make way for the introduction of Yaris subcompact sedan in Pakistan. IMC will likely introduce the Yaris replacing 1.3L Corolla variants towards Q1, 2020, however it primarily depends on how quickly the company is able to get rid of the existing Corolla stocks.

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