Is China-Spec Toyota Yaris Better Looking Than the Yaris We Have Here?

The Toyota Yaris sedan that has just been introduced in Pakistan is the third generation XP150 model that first made its debut in 2013. And it sits on the same platform as that of the third generation Yaris hatchback (XP130) that debuted in 2011.

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With this generation onwards, the naming convention became a lot more complicated than before as Toyota uses the Yaris nameplate to sell a rebadged Mazda2-based version in the North American markets. The XP150 in some Asian markets is sold under Vios nameplate while a new derivative of the Yaris sedan appeared in 2017 in Thailand as Yaris Ativ. That Yaris Ativ again appeared in certain markets as Vios, while in few markets the XP150 Vios was marketed as Yaris.

FAW-Toyota Vios sedan XP150

But in China, they get both. Since Toyota operates two joint ventures in China– FAW-Toyota and GAC-Toyota each selling their own version of the XP130 hatchback as well as the XP150 sedan. The FAW-Toyota venture uses the Vios name to sell their XP130/150 whereas GAC-Toyota sells its duo under the Yaris badge. Interestingly each of these versions while mechanically identical, are aesthetically different from the Yaris/ Vios sold in the rest of the world.

Hatchback versions of FAW-Toyota Vios and GAC-Toyota Yaris

All four models are powered by the same powertrains: either a 1.3-liter with 99hp/123Nm or a 1.5-liter 107hp/140Nm both mated to either a 5-speed manual or CVT gearbox. All four models start at the exact same price however the GAC-Toyota Yaris which is in fact a longer wheelbase version & is known as Yaris-L sedan is the priciest of all. However stylistically it happens to be the prettiest of them all too.

GAC-Toyota Yaris-L sedan XP150

In terms of sales the Yaris-L sedan in China does quite well indeed with numbers constantly on the rise ever since it was introduced in 2017.

Year Sales
2019 49,062
2018 41,355
2017 40,414

The above statistics only include sales of the Yaris-L sedan and exclude sales data of the Yaris-L hatchback. The Yaris/ Vios range of cars is successful not because they are just stunning to look at, but because they are simple, reliable and affordable cars, nothing more, nothing less.

Toyota Yaris sedan XP150 in Pakistan

And while one can argue about the styling of the XP150 Yaris that has just been launched in Pakistan; the XP150 Yaris-L as well as its other iterations in China not only are better equipped but certainly look a lot pleasing than the one we have here. Do you agree?

The refreshed 2020 Yaris-L sedan in China

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