Is FAW Carrier Worth to Spend the Money On?

The small pickup truck market in Pakistan hasn’t seen much options as it has been long dominated by the Suzuki Ravi. However since 2012 onwards, the FAW Carrier has started to take some of its share.

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In a market where people prefer spending a ridiculously high amount getting nothing in return other than resale, it’s pretty difficult for any newcomer to penetrate the market, with parameters such as features and performance on the menu. However the FAW Carrier has been steadily building its name, and has become a regular sight on roads.

Three things are considered important if you are looking for such kind of a vehicle.

1. Pulling power of the engine:

Since their ultimate job is to carry weight, how powerful the engine is matters a lot. Thankfully the FAW Carrier comes equipped with a 1.0 liter (970cc) Efi petrol engine that’s capable of producing an impressive 60hp and 84Nm of torque. The engine meets Euro-IV emission standards as well.

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These are much better output figures compared to the benchmark Suzuki Ravi pickup which outputs 37hp and 62Nm with its 797cc engine. Furthermore the FAW Carrier comes with a 5-speed manual transmission opposed to the 4-speed manual of Ravi.

2. Loading capacity:

This is a crucial parameter since how much load the vehicle can accommodate, can directly affect the operating expenditure. The FAW Carriers has an 8ft loading deck with 1-ton loading capacity, compared to Ravi which has a 6ft deck with 0.6 ton loading capacity.

3. Driver Convenience:

Commercial vehicles drivers are supposed to drive these vehicles all day long. It’s important for them to feel easy and relaxed as what they do is never an easy job. The FAW Carrier has a much better and comfortable cabin with fabric seats for the driver.

FAW Carrier has vacuum brake boosters, and requires lesser effort from the driver. In case of Suzuki Ravi all the load of stopping the car is on the driver’s foot in the absence of power assistance through vacuum boost. Also the FAW Carrier has front disc brakes compared to the drum brakes in Ravi, which results in better braking performance of the vehicle too.

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The Carrier has a protruding front-end, which houses the radiator, brake oil and wiper washer reservoir. This small bonnet is for superior crash safety, as in event of a collision the driver is not directly exposed to a crash. In FAW Carrier there is an extended dashboard and a protruding bonnet, coupled with retract seat-belts which makes it safer for the driver in event of a collision.

The cabin of the FAW Carrier allows better heat dissipation and the seats doesn’t get as hot as you experience in Suzuki Ravi. The Carrier also comes equipped with projector headlamps which unlike the reflector headlamps of Ravi gives better and controlled illumination of the road ahead.

The ride quality itself is quite superior which doesn’t make the driver feel exhausted. The suspension system is soft, while the steering response is good too.

FAW Carrier also come equipped with RPM meter, trip meter, front fog lamps, heater, disc brakes, 3-point seatbelts and AM/ FM Radio with USB input. Catering to different requirements, the FAW Carrier comes available in three variants, standard, flatbed and deck-less. It is backed by a 3 years/ 60,000km warranty (whichever occurs first).

All this indicates why FAW Carrier is becoming increasingly popular in commercial vehicle sector. It is a dependable workhorse that offers a better engine, delivers more power, can carry ample amount of cargo, is comfortable to drive too and is worth to spend the money on.

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