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Javed Afridi Teases the MG6 Pro

Javed Afridi’s never ending spell of teasers continue, this time sharing the MG6 Pro sedan with a ‘Coming Soon’ caption. Being a key figure behind MG (Morris Garages) cars in Pakistan, Javed Afridi has so far teased several MG vehicles on his social handles to create a hype about these cars among auto enthusiasts of Pakistan as his profiles on both Twitter and Facebook boasts millions of followers.

MG6 Pro is the latest iteration of MG6 sedan which Afridi already teased earlier this year while asking people to suggest a price for this car in Pakistani market. Interestingly, the MG6 Pro has just been revealed in China and is yet to go on sale in its home market, so whether Javed Afridi is referring to the launch of this car in Chinese market with his ‘coming soon’ message is yet to be known.

The MG6 Pro

The MG6 Pro is a compact sporty sedan that is powered by 1.5 liter turbocharged engine producing 181hp of power and a peak torque of 285 Nm, and is equipped with a 7-speed wet dual-clutch gearbox as well as 6-speed manual transmission. However the MG6 Pro features visual and functional enhancements over the regular MG6 sedan with enhanced & more sportier looks, a revised interior with new digital instrument cluster, paddle shifters & 10.1-inch touchscreen multimedia unit etc.

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Javed Afridi has so far teased various MG cars including the MG3 hatchback, MG5 and MG6 sedans, the Gloster SUV, Extender pickup and various other electric vehicles while engaging his audience asking for price suggestions. However MG Pakistan has so far only introduced the HS and ZS crossovers and will soon introduce the ZS EV electric vehicle in our market.

Although sources, say MG will tap every possible segment of the market thanks to its diverse portfolio, when and which cars will actually make their way here remains unknown at this stage. MG’s plant in Pakistan was recently completed and has already started test production of HS crossovers. Perhaps we might be able to welcome more MG cars in near future particularly after the enforcement of new Auto Policy 2021-26.

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