Jiangnan Makes a Comeback in China with U2 Electric Hatchback

Jiangnan Auto is a storied name in the Chinese automotive industry. They are relatively small among Chinese auto brands but have been around since the early 2000s. If you cannot recall, they are the same people behind making the Chinese Mehran, aka Jiangnan TT.

In 2010 they were taken over by Zotye, the makers of the Z100 hatchback which made a brief stint in Pakistan before Zotye went bankrupt in 2021. Since then we never really heard much from Jiangnan Auto and the company seemed dead. But like they say, in China, no automaker ever really dies. So now Jiangnan is back with the new U2 electric hatchback.

jiangnan u2 1a 800x598 1

Since Zotye is still the legal owner of Jiangnan Auto, it’s not really clear whether the car has been developed by Zotye or Jiangnan itself. And in a time when small electric cars in China are pint-sized machines with four wheels, the U2 appears rather big for a low-priced electric car. It measures 3,840/ 1,742/ 1,545 mm with a 2,521 mm wheelbase. These dimensions make the Jaingan U2 exactly the same as the new Suzuki Swift here in terms of length, but is wider, stands taller, and boasts an even greater wheelbase than the Swift.

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The design is very unique & interesting when compared to an array of similarly priced EVs in China. The U2 blends elements of a hatchback and an MPV, it features a dual-tone paint scheme while its wheels are pushed out to the corners as far as possible. Up front, there are round headlights capped in square units that are connected together with a black element having a Jiangnan logo.

Exterior of Jiangnan U2 EV

Other details include the aero wheels, flush door handles, charging port located on the front fender instead of the fascia, some cool side stickers, and black claddings. The rear gets a similar LED light treatment as the front and gets an embedded rear spoiler and Rubik’s cube-like reflector elements on the bumper.

jiangnan u2 4 800x533 1

The interior is simple yet funky with blue/ light grey color coding with orange embellishments. The U2 gets a square-shaped steering wheel with a unique two-spoke design having a round pod with buttons on each side. The drive selector is mounted on the steering wheel column instead of the central tunnel.

jiangnan u2 4a 800x533 1

There is a small letterbox-like screen acting as a digital meter cluster & another one mounted at the center of the dashboard that acts as a touchscreen multimedia system.

jiangnan u2 5 800x538 1

Notice the slider on the right side of the screen (pictured below), it is just the top of the never-ending list. All the trending Chinese apps are available, such as Douyin (Tik Tok), QQ Music, and Bilibili.

jiangnan u2 6 800x640 1

Jiangnan will sell 5 versions of the U2: the U2 150, the U2 300, the U2 400, the U2 400S, and the U2 400 Pro (each name signifying the driving range). The U2 is a front-wheel drive EV with the motor over the front axle. The battery capacity will vary depending on the range, the details of which Jiangnan is yet to release. As per available information, buyers can choose between 55 kW/120 Nm and 80k W/160 Nm motor.

jiangnan u2 7 800x533 1

The Jiangnan U2 is priced between 58,800 – 99,800 yuan ($8,635 – $14,656). The most expensive version is the 400 Pro, which boasts a CLTC drive range of 400 kilometers and an 80 kW motor under the hood.

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