Jinbei Commercial and Passenger Vans in Pakistan

Pakistani auto market will soon be having another option in the passenger & mini vans segment as the Chinese Jinbei branded vehicles will be available under the umbrella of Zenith Automotive (Pvt) Ltd.

Zenith Automotive, an ARG company, is the exclusive distributor and progressive manufacturer of Jinbei brand in Pakistan, offering the range of vans and mini-vans in both passenger and commercial vehicle segments.

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Jinbei Auto is a subsidiary of Brilliance Auto, based in Shenyang, Liaoning, China. Brilliance Auto is a joint venture partner of BMW in China, and manufactures and sells BMW branded vehicles in addition to their own lineup of passenger cars under Brilliance brand name.

“Jinbei” which literally means gold (jin) cup (bei) in Chinese, has been the market leader for last 18 years in China and dominates the market with a 60% market share. Jinbei has a presence in over 70 countries with over one million units already on the road globally.

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Although initially Zenith Automotive will be launching mini vans and passenger vans in the market, the launch of Jinbei may also open doors to Brilliance branded vehicles in Pakistan. According to the company statement:

We appreciate the efforts of BOI and EDP for the automobile policy 2016-2021 which has encouraged new investments in the automobile industry of Pakistan. We foresee new brands and vehicles to be introduced in the country which will help cater the current demand supply gap along with offering end-users more vehicle options and better customer service.

According to Zenith ARG, the company is currently working to strengthen their dealership network to ensure presence in all major cities of Pakistan at the time of formal launch.


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