Kia EV6 Made of Lego Bricks to be Showcased at Milan Design Week

The multiple award-winning Kia EV6 is set to impress in a very unique way at the upcoming Milan Design Week as a 1:1 scale model dubbed “Brick To The Future”.

This EV6, commissioned by Kia Italy, is comprised of 350,000 Lego bricks and was assembled over 800 hours by BrickVision, a Reggio Emilia-based company. Riccardo Zangelmi, Italy’s first and only Lego Certified Professional, founded BrickVision and worked on it for 4 months. This meant capturing all of the delicate intricacies of the all-electric crossover in brick form, as well as establishing a working lighting system to ensure the EV6’s distinctive light signature looks authentic.

The Kia EV6 “Brick to the Future”

The Kia EV6 “Brick to the Future” will be displayed during the 2023 Milan Design Week from 17 April 2023 and then exhibited at the Kia Energy House in Rome.

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