Kia Prices Increased Once Again After 25% GST

As expected, the recent 25% GST slapped by the government on 1400cc & above cars as well as CUVs and SUVs has started to take its toll on car prices with Lucky Motor Corporation (LMC) being the first one to announce the revised prices of Kia vehicles in Pakistan.

This is the 5th major price revision announced within a span of just 70 days since the beginning of the year 2023. Three of the revisions were made primarily due to depreciating currency value, while one was due to 18% GST imposed last month & now this price hike after the 25% GST was slapped a couple of days ago. The latest prices are effective from 8th March 2023.

New Kia Stonic Prices

The Kia Stonic EX variant now costs Rs 5,200,000 instead of Rs 4,900,000 due to a Rs 30,000 increase in price. Whereas that of the Kia Stonic EX+ after an increase of Rs 330,000 has reached from Rs 5,400,000 to Rs 5,730,000.

New Kia Sportage Prices

Sportage Alpha was originally priced at Rs.6,650,000, but after a Rs 400,000 price rise, it is now priced at Rs 7,050,000. The price of the Sportage FWD was increased by Rs 440,000, after which it now costs Rs 7,790,000 instead of Rs. 7,350,000. Similarly, the price of the Sportage AWD which was available for Rs 7,900,000, has now been raised to Rs 8,370,000, rendering an increase of Rs 470,000.

New Kia Sorento Prices

As for Sorento, the base 2.4L FWD variant used to cost Rs 9,000,000 but now due to a Rs 540,000 price rise it costs Rs 9,540,000. Moving up, with a massive Rs 590,000 surge, the Sorento 2.4L AWD which was priced at Rs 9,800,000 now costs Rs 10,390,000. The same applies to the Sorento 3.5L V6 which is now also priced at Rs 10,390,000 instead of Rs 9,800,000.

kia 25 gst

Following LMC, other auto assemblers are also expected to announce their price revisions very soon. Stay tuned to CarSpiritPK for the latest updates on the auto industry in Pakistan.


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