Kia Sportage “Black Limited Edition” Launched in Pakistan

Lucky Motor Company (LMC) has introduced the Kia Sportage Black Limited Edition in Pakistan. The Black Limited Edition, which is based on the Sportage AWD model and features only cosmetic upgrades, is intended to serve as the Sportage lineup’s flagship variant.

The Kia Sportage Black Limited Edition gets:

  • Glossy Black Front Grille
  • GlossyBlack Side Sill
  • Glossy Black Skid Plate
  • Dark Satin Finish Molding Beltline
  • Premium Black Leather Seats
  • 19-inch Black Alloy Wheels

Other than the aforementioned, the new variant contains no significant changes. The Black Limited Edition gets the same engine, same transmission, and the same level of safety features and equipment as found in the existing Sportage AWD variant. It even wears the old Kia logo which the company abandoned in 2021.

Kia Sportage Black Limited Edition

The price goes up as a result of all these adornments. The Kia Sportage Black Limited Edition is priced at Rs. 9,050,000 in Pakistan, which is Rs. 500,000 more than the Sportage AWD variant.

Kia Sportage Black Price

Pakistan is currently the only place in the world where the obsolete 4th generation Kia Sportage is still being assembled. Bear in mind the 5th generation Kia Sportage that debuted in 2020 is set to receive a major facelift this year.

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As the name implies, the Sportage Black Limited Edition variant will have a limited production run according to the company. Perhaps this is a move to clear out stocks to make way for a newer generation model. However, the company hasn’t disclosed any such plans as of now. Do you believe the price increase for the Kia Sportage Black Limited Edition in Pakistan is acceptable based on the additional features? Let us know in the comments section below.

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