Kia Unveils the EV5 All-Electric SUV Concept

Kia just unveiled the Concept EV5 during the Kia China EV Day. During the event, the all-electric SUV concept took center stage to highlight the brand’s strategy for establishing worldwide leadership in electrification.

The Concept EV5, which is inspired by Kia’s ‘Opposites Unified’ design concept, gives a preview of a production all-electric SUV model that will be initially launched in China later this year. The Concept EV5 also marks the beginning of a new design era for Kia, providing an exciting insight into the stylistic direction of the brand’s future fully electric vehicles.

Kia EV 5

Speaking at the event, Ho Sung Song, President, and CEO of Kia Corporation said:

“It is my great privilege to proudly announce that Kia is entering the EV market in China. The Kia Concept EV5 marks yet another definitive step on our mission to become a leader in sustainable mobility solutions to provide a better future for all. Kia will enrich our customers’ lifestyles and enable them to pursue personal adventures by setting fresh standards for dynamic and efficient electric driving.”

The Concept EV5, according to Kia, exudes a progressive look from every angle, establishing authenticity and identity as a member of the Kia family. At the front, a new Digital Tiger Face reflects cleanness and dignity, strength and durability, all while paying discreet respect to the iconic Kia Tiger Nose grille. The confident new design incorporates Kia’s signature lighting technology, called Star Map, which presents the concept of a constellation connecting stars to a clean face.

Kia EV5 2

The cabin’s fully flat floor and wide room offer a ‘space of coexistence,’ where nature, people, and technology may cohabit in harmony. The inside of the Concept EV5 provides the ideal setting for occupants to rest when combined with the design themes of Healing, Caring, and Re-Charging.

Kia Concept EV5

Kia’s drive to construct cars utilizing more environmentally friendly procedures and materials is reflected in the Concept EV5’s cabin. It features a diverse range of sustainable materials that are deployed to implement the brand’s sustainable development goal, including plant-based materials like seaweed extract and repurposed PET bottles on the seats, doors, dashboard, and headliner, creating new norms of sustainability without the usage of animal leather.

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The EV5 will be a smaller electric crossover alternative to the EV9 flagship electric 7-seat SUV which was unveiled just recently. The Kia EV5 production model will initially be available in the Chinese market later this year. Information on any future plans for other worldwide markets will be announced in due course, according to the company.

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