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Kia Vehicles Prices Increased

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Sparing the Sorento, Kia Pakistan has increased the prices of all its vehicles in wake of depreciating currency value and rising shipping & raw material costs. The revised prices will take effect from the 8th of November 2021. As per information, the newly launched Sonet has been priced while preoccupying the revision.

The price of Picanto hatchback has been increased by up to Rs 269,000, that of Sportage has been increased by up to Rs 380,000 while the imported Carnival luxury MPV has witnessed an increase of Rs 500,000. The prices of Sorento has been kept intact. The new prices are:

Model Old Price
New Price
Picanto MT Rs 1,781,000 Rs 2,050,000 Rs 269,000
Picanto AT Rs 1,922,000 Rs 2,150,000 Rs 228,000
Sportage Alpha Rs 4,294,000 Rs 4,650,000 Rs 356,000
Sportage FWD Rs 4,782,000 Rs 5,150,000 Rs 368,000
Sportage AWD Rs 5,270,000 Rs 5,650,000 Rs 380,000
Carnival GLS Rs 8,699,000 Rs 9,199,000 Rs 500,000
Carnival GLS+ Rs 9,499,000 Rs 9,999,000 Rs 500,000

It was already being speculated that car prices in Pakistan were to witness an increase due to aforementioned reasons. However the government made Changan withdraw the price hike in August and later threatened to fix prices of cars sold in the country. But considering the current circumstances, this doesn’t seem to be happening as other automakers are also expected to announce the price revisions soon.

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