Lack of Parking Areas And Their Creative Solution In Pakistan

Parking issues had already existed since the inception of cars. However, it deteriorated more as rapid urbanization accelerated.
Parking is the key component of the transportation program.

Liberalization has resulted in a dramatic improvement in transport performance that has been accompanied by an increase in static traffic in cities. Parking lots for large freight trucks in urban locations, in particular, create complications due to limited capacity or limited equipment.

Some Common Parking Issues

Due to Pakistan’s growing car ownership rate, and lack of availability of sophisticated public transport, parking is becoming a source of contention as well as consternation for a large number of individuals.

Islamabad traffic Qazi Usman

Parking issues are a daily occurrence, whether at airports, bus stops, or retail malls. Inadequate parking may be detrimental to local businesses and lower inhabitants’ quality of life. Because parking is critical, cities continuously examine and assess their parking plans and performance. The following list summarizes the most common types of issues that arise in communities.

  • Motorists are not well informed
  • Parking capacity is being used inefficiently
  • Automobile usage that is excessive
  • Parking facility effects on the economy, the environment, and the aesthetics
  • Convenient parking spots
  • Increased parking spots have an effect
  • Currently occurring, significant spillover issues
  • Parking that is inconvenient
  • Parking meters that are insufficient
  • Parking at the event location is insufficient

Parking Management Options

While each area is distinct, a number of parking problems and possible solutions are universal. The issue is to offer sufficient parking to satisfy a community’s mobility and economic requirements, to encourage people to utilize other means of transportation, and to limit parking’s effect on neighborhood character.

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The following suggestions detail various parking options to consider when developing a parking management system that is capable of resolving current and future issues.

  • Prioritizing financial resources
  • Consider the long-term parking requirements of commuters vs the short-term.
  • Enhance motorist information
  • Reduce reliance on automobiles and promote alternate modes of transportation
  • Parking spaces are shared.
  • Parking just once and walking
  • Consider expanding your usage of distant parking lots and shuttle services.

Creative Parking Solutions


Local Implementation

In 2016, the Izhar group of businesses built circular parking in certain locations of Lahore. In February 2018, the Islamabad Police and JS Bank collaborated to offer a parking system in Islamabad’s renowned Itwar Bazaar via the use of QR codes.

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Screenshot 2021 08 18 at 21 23 50 Rotary Parking System Lahore Parking CompanyLePark is a Lahore-based smart parking solutions provider that offers off-street and on-street parking in a variety of locations, including Anarkali Bazaar. They provide off-street parking in lots and business locations via a prepaid membership service and RFID cards. They utilize portable terminals that generate receipts with barcodes including on parking; payment is made in cash. The service charges fixed rates of Rs. 30 for a vehicle and Rs. 10 for a motorcycle, in accordance with Punjab government regulations. Off-street parking lots typically contain between 200 and 400 parking spots and are busiest between 5 p.m. and 9 a.m.

Neoteric Solution

A neoteric solution is the finest parking service in Lahore, Karachi, Faisalabad, and Gujranwala, Pakistan. They offer the best valet parking service and economical parking management solutions to our customers, allowing them to concentrate on their primary business goals. This has led in partnerships with many prominent companies in Pakistan, including Emporium mall, Tricon, Mall of Faisalabad, and Al-Fatah.

Intelligent spaces

Smart spaces are physical environments in which Consumer Electronics (CE) items with variable resource availability collaborate to automate user-specific tasks. Good use of this technology would be to create a system that can notify motorists in real-time about available parking spaces and direct them to the closest one.

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Its implementation would include coupling WiFi with a network of sensors capable of rapidly transmitting data to a host computer. Geomagnetic sensors would be used to identify occupied parking spots, while GPS would be used for navigation. The host server allows control of numerous parking spots and maintains real-time information to improve the operation. The server would then combine the data before delivering it to the customer through a smartphone app to notify them of available parking choices.

Frontier Works Organization

Additionally, the FWO has partnered with Jazz to allow RFID payments at M-2 toll plazas. RFID payments may also be used to pay for parking in shopping malls and parking lots.

lucky one parking 2

Additionally, two retail malls in Karachi, Lucky One Mall, and Dolmen Mall Clifton have installed an intelligent parking guiding system. These parking management systems are time and energy-efficient.

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The technology collects data through sensors placed across the parking lot and is linked to indicator lights conspicuously displayed above each parking spot. When a car is parked, the light becomes red and automatically turns green when the spot is vacated. This light is visible from a distance, alerting vehicles to the vacancy.

lucky one parking

Additionally, the data is transmitted to a server, which displays it on a numeric screen located just outside the parking spaces door to assist vehicles entering the lot. The setup described above is functioning at the moment but is limited to malls.

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