Local Automakers Shutting Down Productions amid Coronavirus Outbreak

The Coronavirus (COVID-19) is already creating huge impact on global economy as well as automobile production in particular. With supply chain already disrupted & major automakers having suspended their operations in various countries across the globe, the closures are now being observed in Pakistan too.

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Automobile companies including the leading names like Toyota, Suzuki and Honda have announced to halt their production operations due to coronavirus spread. The closures which will obviously affect the scheduled deliveries will be observed until further notice till the COVID-19 situation improves.

In order to help stop the deadly pandemic spread, it is important for everyone of us to play our part by reducing socialization, maintain distance and staying at home as much as possible. And it’s a positive move by the companies which was necessary for the wellbeing of their employees as well.

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However automobile sales in our country which were already slashed by -52% due to slowdown in economy and rising car prices, will suffer more due to the COVID-19 situation. Let us hope the situation gets better soon.

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