MG Cars cleared at Karachi Port

Over 400 MG cars that were stuck at Karachi port will soon be reaching the customers as the court has ordered to release these vehicles. MG cars were stuck at Karachi Port due to a dispute over the valuation of the products between Pakistan Customs and MG Motors Pakistan.

MG Motors had to submit a Pay Order to the court as a guarantee to get them cleared. It is pertinent to mention that if the case is won by Pakistan Customs, it would cash the Pay Order; otherwise, MG Motors will get these Pay Orders back.

MG vehicles at Karachi port

In addition, MG Motors Pakistan has completed the documentation for importing 5000 units through LCs (Letter of Credit). It is indeed a good news for those who got their MG vehicles booked and were waiting for deliveries as not only the stuck vehicles will be cleared plus there is no additional liability on the consumers.

This will also open doors for more MG cars in Pakistan as SAIC Motors (MG’s parent company in China) has also been given bank guarantees regarding the payment of the CBU units.

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