MG Cyberster Electric Roadster Debuts in the UK

Almost a month after the Cyberster EV made its debut at the Shanghai Auto Show in China, MG has now brought a “pre-production design model” to its Marylebone headquarters in London. This was done so as to prepare for a special presentation event before the market launch this summer.

This is the first time that we are seeing images of the MG Cyberster in the flesh, and the full-scale model looks rather lovely in this rich red hue. With a tall bonnet, wide wheels, and a low-slung shape, the sculpted bodywork is 4,535 mm long and true to traditional roadster proportions. Along with the scissor doors and the integrated spoiler at the Kammback tail, the Cyberester also incorporates components that are inspired by supercars.

MG Cyberster UK Debut 6

The prototype’s soft top was taken off during the display, exposing the two-seater cabin’s futuristic design and its four different digital cockpit screens. MG also released a brief video of the electric roadster in addition to the photo gallery.

Carl Gotham, MG’s Advanced Design Director, discussed how the Cyberester, which returns the brand to its sportscar roots, came to be. Fans of the storied brand are ecstatic to see a two-seater roadster in the portfolio because the SAIC-owned era of MG has mostly been focused on SUV options up to this point.

MG Cyberster UK Debut 7

Although MG hasn’t released specifics for the new model, documents from China’s MIIT indicate that it will come with two different powertrain options. The dual-motor AWD variant will have a maximum output of 536 hp (400 kW/ 544 PS), while the single-motor RWD vehicle will have 310 hp (231 kW/ 314 PS). Both models will run on lithium-ion batteries with an undetermined range and capacity.

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MG refers to the Cyberster as “the world’s first affordable EV roadster” and says that the price would be revealed later. According to Autocar, the single-motor RWD will start at roughly £55,000 ($69,166) and the dual-motor AWD will start at £65,000 ($81,742). If those figures are correct, the MG Cyberester will cost somewhat more than a high-end ICE-powered BMW Z4, but less than half as much as a Mercedes SL.

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