MG has Delivered 3,000+ Units to its Customers

MG (Morris Garages) has claimed to have delivered over 3,000 units of HS and ZS vehicles to its customers in Pakistan. On its official Facebook page, the company posted a short video showing a montage of various customers posing with their MGs.

This also reflects that despite many controversies, MG vehicles have been able to attract a good number of buyers in Pakistan. The recent arrival of 1,100 units of MG HS have sure helped the company achieve this feat which was otherwise facing an anguish from customers due to delays in deliveries.


The popularity of MG vehicles in Pakistan particularly the HS, is constantly on the rise primarily due to its quality, performance and a rather luxurious interior which is believed to be the best among its competitors. Furthermore, the local production of MG vehicles have also been kicked off. In addition to HS and ZS crossovers, MG is also in process of introducing the ZS EV electric crossover which is expected to hit the markets later this year.

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