MG Reaffirms Introducing 3 CKD Models in Pakistan

MG has once again reaffirmed its commitments to launch 3 CKD models in Pakistan. Earlier this year, Javed Afridi who is the key figure behind MG cars in the country indicated in his tweet that local assembled MG cars will be launched soon.

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The company has once again expressed intent to make its plant operational during the current fiscal year. MG so far, has been dealing with CBU imported units only. According to General Manager of MG Motors Pakistan Syed Asif Ahmed, MG’s five-year plan consists of introducing 3 CKD models.

MG HS slvr 2

These will include the MG HS crossover, MG5 (MG GT) sedan while the company didn’t mentioned the name of the third model it intends to launch in Pakistan and gave no information on the pricing. Interestingly, Javed Afridi in his earlier tweet mentioned MG3 hatchback and Gloster SUV alongside MG GT as upcoming new models.

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Asif Ahmed while communicating to Business Recorders, said:

“We are working closely with the Engineering Development Board (EDB). Despite global logistical crises, especially in China after Covid-19 lockdown and restrictions, plant equipment has arrived in Pakistan. We are working day and night to get it operational in the current fiscal year.”

Asif Ahmed also called safety features in existing locally assembled vehicles “considerably weak”, and vowed to stick to global standards and features for MG vehicles, claiming that these would be offered without any “extra charges”. He said MG wants to provide the Pakistan customers with multiple options and rich features against regular prices. Asif went on to add:

“MG is not in the race to become the biggest player” in Pakistan. Like elsewhere in the world, each brand should have 10% to 15% market share to ensure healthy competition.”

MG5 10

He stressed that it is high time that Pakistan benefits from its geographical advantage by accessing Central Asia, North Africa and Middle Eastern automotive markets. “We are not a very attractive local market for global auto players, but we can surely become a vehicle-exporting nation,” he said.

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Meanwhile, Ahmed also said Pakistan’s auto industry should stop looking towards the government for handouts and try to stand on its own feet. The only sustainable, long-term solution to the recurring crises faced by the auto industry is the export of made-in-Pakistan vehicles, he added.

“We are already over-protected. I wouldn’t ask for blanket incentives to maintain the status quo. The only special incentive I would seek is on electric vehicles. It’s a new avenue. A little hand-holding from the government will have a multiplier effect.”

Full Story: Business Recorder

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