MG3 Replacement Due in 2024

MG3, the smallest car in MG’s lineup is due to get a replacement next year. As reported earlier, MG will also revamp its entire product portfolio for the right-hand drive export markets by the end of 2024.

The replacement model will continue to run on petrol, but a hybrid option is anticipated to help reduce emissions. Due to financial constraints, the company has turned down an electric powertrain. These financial factors also imply that the next-generation MG3 will not feature a plug-in hybrid system, but rather a mild-hybrid or hybrid powertrain.

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The MG3 is currently the oldest model in MG’s lineup; the current generation model debuted in 2011 and is therefore 12 years old now. It has received two facelifts, one in 2013 and the most recent one in 2018, after which for about 5 years the MG3 has remained unchanged.

MG3 bangkok

Despite being old, the MG3 remains popular in various markets including Thailand and the UK and remains the highest-selling car in its class in Australia for many years in a row. It’s also one of the cheapest, which helps explain its popularity in the Australian market. It is also the third best-selling passenger car in Australia behind only the Toyota Corolla and Hyundai i30.

MG3 gained popularity in Pakistan ever since Javed Afridi teased the hatchback that was supposed to be priced below Rs 2.0 million in Pakistan, making it as affordable as a Suzuki Alto. However, more than two years have passed with no evidence of the MG3, despite Javed Afridi’s repeated teasing about the hatchback and his frequent pleas for his fans to be prepared for the vehicle that is “Coming Soon.”

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Now when the Alto is priced at around Rs 3.0 million, it’s hard to assume MG3 will be priced below that. But given that the hatchback will be phased out from international markets in 2024, it’s possible that Javed Afridi, like the majority of other assemblers in this country, will “introduce” the MG3 once it is discontinued elsewhere. Do you think so too?

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