More Than 17 Obsolete Cars on Sale in Pakistan

Since we live in a third world market with polices & regulations on auto sector & consumer welfare are next to nothing, cars assembled in Pakistan not only lack basic features & safety equipment offered elsewhere, but in most cases are introduced once done from the rest of the world & are often dragged for a prolonged period of time once launched.

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Obviously we can’t expect to have the same level of equipment & international quality standards in local assembled cars at this point of time due to the fact that local auto industry is still in its infancy. But what’s astonishing is the fact that there are several examples when cars were introduced here after they were either replaced by a newer generation model, or were simply discontinued elsewhere.

6th gen Hyundai Elantra was launched in Pakistan a year after the 7th gen model made its world debut

In other cases, even if some car was launched in a timely manner, it was dragged for an unnecessarily long period of time during which the model in the rest of the world was either replaced with a newer generation, or blessed with a facelift while the obsolete one still on sale in Pakistan.

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Astonishingly if we count the number, there are around 17 globally retired cars currently being sold in Pakistan as ‘new’. While most of these cars are being sold by existing automakers (the Big 3), around half of these were introduced by newcomers who were supposed to generate healthy competition in the market.

corolla yaris
Both Corolla and Yaris sold in Pakistan are obsolete models

Pak Suzuki’s obsolete lineup includes Bolan and Ravi, as well as Cultus, Wagon R and Alto. Toyota has been dragging the 11th gen Corolla as well as the pre-facelift Yaris sedan. Honda sells the globally obsolete 6th gen City as well as an old BR-V here.

2nd gen Kia Picanto was introduced in Pakistan more than two years after getting discontinued from the rest of the world

Talking about newcomers, Kia sells 4 local assembled cars in Pakistan, out of which 3 are obsolete models. Hyundai’s 2 out of 3 local assembled passenger cars are globally retired models. United’s both offerings are obsolete whereas Regal’s one product is an outdated model. Below is a pictorial representation of obsolete cars, which are on sale in Pakistan, along with the latest model sold in other markets.

17 obsolete models on sale in Pakistan

Thankfully however, mainstream Chinese brands including Changan, MG, DFSK, BAIC, Haval, Chery and Malaysian Proton (which comes under the umbrella of Geely) are offering up-do-date models with not a single one of them being obsolete. Similarly French automaker Peugeot’s only offering in Pakistan is well in line with the one sold in the rest of the world.

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